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So after demoing the AK Jr for a bit more (around 30 minutes or so), largely, I still feel the same way as I did before.   Using the UI was a bit better since I was a bit familiar with it before and way less frustrating.  However, I still felt that it was way too laggy/sloppy for a $500 product.  I do think that AK will eventually fix this through a firmware update but honestly it could be an issue with having an underpowered CPU instead.   Comparing the sound to the...
 Let us know how it sounds.  I am especially curious how you feel about it versus the AK Jr.
 Sure thing.  Give me one more day.  I will be heading into B&H NYC to demo the AK Jr some more after work tomorrow so I will post my impressions tomorrow evening.
Sad to report my order got canceled. Too good to be true indeed.
Just ordered one too.  Was considering whether or not it would be worth it to get something like an AK120II but honestly that seems ridiculous now considering these devices aren't made to last for years.
That can't be right can it?  Are they not just selling X3II's instead?
 I have only owned the A17 for a short amount of time so take this with a grain of salt.  To me, the A17 was a very bright sounding player.  The highs were very crisp and could be slightly sibilant with my K10's.  Bass was slightly boomier and also had slightly more impact.  I didn't really notice anything special about the mids. I would say that the AK Jr sounds slightly more balanced (probably due to the smoother sound), and sounds very similar to the DX90 which I love....
Having had an AK100II I have never had that happen to me. Happened a lot to my DX90 though.
 Nice review.  I am not surprised that you enjoy your AK100II more than both versions of the X5 since it really is a polished product and great sounding product.  I am still curious to see how it sounds even though I found the original X5 to be very fatiguing to listen to.
 I agree with you.  Everything else about the player is wonderful but the slim form factor and the wonderful build quality is useless if it doesn't actually play music well.  I am in the same boat and will be patiently waiting for a firmware update before purchasing.
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