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Hey guys,   Wondering if anyone else had a problem with the cable at the connectors coming loose?  It detached from the cable when I was taking it out out of my ears on my commute and thus dropped on the pavement.  Slight blemish but nothing to fret about.  More worried about the cable connection.   Thanks,   Ed
Would you say it has more impact and sound warmer compared to the latest AK models?
Subscribed!  The Omegas look very enticing.  Hope to get some more comparisons between the K10's and the Omegas.
 Not a student anymore but a couple of my friends have Prime.  I could test it out for sure but I think I am going to wait a bit since a lot of new DAP's are coming out (mostly FiiO X5II, QP1) along with hearing more impressions from AK Jr owners.
Definitely an option but sadly I don't have Prime anymore and though Amazon seems to be great with returns, I am unfamiliar with returning to international vendors (who are selling the ZX2 for the cheapest prices).   In the end it may be a good option since I can always sell it on the marketplace but I don't want to make this decision lightly.
I would say that the DX90's soundstage sounds flatter to me than that of the AK100II, not that the DX90 sounds flat.  Notes hit deeper and it feels as if though I can better hear the nuances in the instruments.  And because of this it feels as if the AK100II is more dynamic sounding and larger in depth (while also being quite wide). Also, perhaps saying that the DX90 isn't as detailed as the AK100II isn't the right way to describe it.  I would say that the AK100II presents...
Looking forward to your impressions Wyd4 since I was looking for a different sound signature from the AK100II.  While it sounds so detailed and clear, while presenting a very wide and deep soundstage, the bass is a bit lacking.  I enjoy how smooth and articulate the player was but on my commutes I definitely have a different preference.  Hopefully the P1 has better bass and thicker/more textured notes.
How interesting. This player seems really cool due to the small form factor. One thing I love about my AK100II is the incredibly deep and wide soundstage. But the bass while having great extension doesn't really have the impact I typically enjoy on my commutes. The DX90 does this better but doesn't sound as detailed and smooth. Also the dx90 sounds really flat due to its lack of soundstage depth. From what it seems like the Junior is a bit in between these two DAPs and...
That's disappointing. Definitely a tough decision to make since great sound quality doesn't mean much if you can't easily access your own music. Maybe the QA360 that just dropped would have been a solid pick.
 I believe FiiO has stated that the new X5 will be the same price as the current one.  However, this DAP definitely seems interesting since I have never heard a Burr-brown chip before. I kind of agree that UI isn't that big of an issue as long as its passable.  I also have no use for the wifi capabilities as well since I don't use any streaming services.  The more simple the device the better.  If I really cared about all the other features, I would probably rather just...
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