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Hey guys,   Recently bought a 7th Gen Classic and I was wondering if any of you have experienced problems with the software randomly crashing and then the audio starts to stutter and freeze, only playing a large blaring noise.  I haven't figured out if it a problem with the theme I am using (detailstext) or perhaps it is something with the RockBox stability itself.
Do you guys happen to know if the latest firmware version is the one listed on their site?
Hey there headfiers.   Recently bought a Colorfly C3 and I have to say it sounds amazing.  I was just wondering how you guys sort and organize your music though.  I originally wanted to split it up into Artists and then Albums but oftentimes I like to shuffle my whole library so I decided to just put no folders at all.   Any tagging or organization tips that owners of the C3 can offer?   Thanks,   SashimiWu
  Hahaha, yeah you're right.  I can't believe I missed that.  Sorry about that.
I recommend the Sennheiser HD25's.  From what I remember, they handled rock and pop very well.  Nice punchy bass with good treble extension and soso mids.  They can be had for around $200 bucks and are very light, portable, and durable.   The M100's are $300 for pre-order but to me they don't handle rock as well as I would like them too.  The treble are too tame for certain songs which wasn't really the case for the HD25's.  This means to me that the guitar plucks...
  I think he's talking about the Ray Samuels Audio SR-71.  Here's a link:   I personally would love a Shadow but it seem a bit too pricey along with everything else on that site.
  Thanks Craigster75.  I actually read your comments about the FiiO E11 from your previous which really piqued my interest in obtaining a portable amp that wouldn't break my wallet.  I'm glad to see that you're getting a good use out of the E11 with the M100's since I was hoping a bit more clarity and bass impact would enhance my listening experience at work.  Is there any distortion in the bass when using the E11? What source do you run the amplifier from?   Do you by...
Hey all, I'm a bit curious on what sort of sources/amps that you guys have run the M100's through and if you noticed any improvements.  Just figuring out if a portable amp would be worth it for these headphones since the majority of my music listening is on the go.  I primarily use a Sansa Clip Zip which already sounds great.  Such is the life of a head-fier, always wanting to improve your gear. 
I'd recommend the Shure SRH840's.  Very neutral headphones with great detail.  I especially enjoyed the midrange (best part of the headphone in my opinion) though the bass impact could be lacking.  This may or may not be ideal for listening to electronica but I also listen to a lot of the genre and I felt the attack/decay of the bass was crisp and fit in with the music.  Definitely handles fast music very well but if you're looking for more bass impact, then look elsewhere.
Hey all, I just got my pair today and had the chance to try them on the subway. I would rate the isolation at 3.5/5 with a 5 being Etymotic IEM level of isolation. The isolation was definitely better than the M80's but I could hear the train announcers and conversations of those close to me though I couldn't always make out what they were saying. Keep in mind I also listen at fairly high volumes as well. Overall, they are very easy to drive on portable sources (my Sony...
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