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 Interesting!  Where did you order your P5000 from if you don't mind me asking? It seems like the 360 is the more dynamic and musical player.  The the deeper soundstage probably contributes to this.  Is it safe to say you enjoy the QA360 more?  The sound quality of the QA360 seems very desirable but the size and the limited UI are a bit of a downside.
Is anyone else kind of annoyed by how slow the wheel scrolls when browsing artists?  I have a lot of songs so its kind of a pain to go from one artist to another.  I guess that this is when the touchscreen of the DX90 comes in way handier.
 So does this mean if I want to shuffle all of my songs, I will need a folder that has all of my songs on it? Honestly I am not too picky about bad UI since I used the original X3 extensively in the past.  Just wanted to know what I was getting into before committing.  I really love how the CS4398 chip sounded in the AK100II and initial impressions seems like it sounds mostly the same.  Very deep soundstage with a smooth sound that is very detailed and engaging.  If this...
So upon reading this whole thread, it seems that this player can only do Folder Browsing?  And this folder browsing is only 2 levels deep?  Does this mean I can only have something like ROOT -> Artist/Album -> Song?
It definitely looks fatter than the X5 but the length and width look about equal.  Actually looking at the dimensions of each player, the QA360 is almost twice as fat as the X5.  However I love the way it looks and having seen some videos of the snappy UI, it looks promising.   Do you guys recommend categorical browsing?  I usually like to go Artists -> Album -> Songs and other times I like just shuffling all my songs.  Would this be easy on the QA360?
Looks like this player is up on Massdrop again.  Any owners still loving this DAP?
Honestly even at 400 bucks I think this would be a sweet buy. It really does sound wonderful.
I can happily say that the HD600 is a perfect complement to the Alpha Dogs. Where the Alphas excel in having that great great bass impact and microdetails the HD600 excels in having this really beautiful tone with a much more open sound. They've been glued to my head since last Friday.
So after demoing the AK Jr for a bit more (around 30 minutes or so), largely, I still feel the same way as I did before.   Using the UI was a bit better since I was a bit familiar with it before and way less frustrating.  However, I still felt that it was way too laggy/sloppy for a $500 product.  I do think that AK will eventually fix this through a firmware update but honestly it could be an issue with having an underpowered CPU instead.   Comparing the sound to the...
 Let us know how it sounds.  I am especially curious how you feel about it versus the AK Jr.
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