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Hey all,   I've been looking to make a better portable set up recently since my Clip+ broke on me and my current Sony Walkman doesn't have enough memory for me at the moment.  I was looking into what type of source gear would be good if I'm looking for a warm sound that goes well with energetic music.  I listen to a lot of genres of music such as rock, folk, jazz, hiphop, pop, etc, and I would really like something that offers a good sense of clarity.  My budget...
Don't worry. I'm sure that Val has tested the durability of the M100 to withstand at least 50 slashes from the blade of a legendary sword smith.
Hi there aristidesfl.   Though I have only had the A900x's for about 3-4 weeks, I think I can give you some feedback on that headphone since I have never had the chance to get a pair of AKG550's.  When wearing the A900x's in the summer it did get a bit hot but never anything unbearable.  I would list it as a slight bit of uncomfort on the scale of how intrusive they felt to me.  When comparing them to the SRH840's in comfort, the Audio Techinica's blow them out of...
No problem man.  I know you will be happy with your purchases since they are generally regarded very well here on head-fi.
Walking through New York City these past months for my internship I've actually had the chance to see some cool headphones.  I saw two people wearing AIAIAI TMA-1's in the same day which was pretty cool since one of them had the Fool's Gold edition.  I've also had the chance to see someone wearing a pair of SR60i's on the subway and a person wearing XB500/700's and rocking out like a boss on the streets of Brooklyn.
I'm just wondering why you want an amp.  If this is going to be your first "nice" set of headphones then I would suggest investing the money into a better headphone instead instead of splitting the money between an amp and a headphone.
Wish I could help but maybe you should try giving this thread a look:   It might be a bit long of a read but just skimming through some of the latest posts or posting your question's in there might give you some more feedback.  Happy shopping and "sorry for your wallet".
I don't get it.  If he cares about sound quality then you should have no problem telling him that he got ripped off.  However, if he doesn't care about sound quality but cares about how they look and how cool they are then who are you to say that hes "wasting" his money?
Hi there Moe91.   If you're looking for a closed headphone with a wide soundstage, then the ATH A900x would definitely fit the bill.  I don't own the A900 but from what I have read, they are an upgrade over them in most areas (especially the pads since they won't break down on you after a few months).  I game a lot myself and they are very comfortable with a nice smooth sound that isn't fatiguing.  Detail is pretty good and to me they are very very comfortable.  The...
  I have to agree.  I recently got a pair of ATH A900x's and they are bliss to wear in comparison to my previous headphones.
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