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 I'm running them with the SE846 which seem to be very sensitive and there is no noticeable hiss at all.
 Think hes saying those sources hiss?  So using a portable amplifier with those units can improve sound quality (similar to how his desktop amplifier removes hiss). Had to read it a couple of times but I think thats the gist of it.
Hey all,   Relisting these babies again.  Reason for selling is an impulse purchase that I can't really afford right now so would like to get some money back.  Would like to save some cash by selling it outright or "trading down" to HD800.   Absolutely mint condition since they have less than 10 hours of them total.  Comes with original packaging and accessories.   Will only consider trades with HD800 and greatly prefer local trades in NYC.  All other offers will be...
Closed for now.  Decided to keep it.
 Hey Roti, For now I would like to keep it CONUS but would probably be OK with splitting shipping costs internationally. -Ed
 To be honest was a bit of an impulse purchase!  I like them a lot but debating right now whether or not to keep it.
Interest check on brand new HD800S.  Bought and used for only 2 hours from another head-fier who used it for less than 10 hours.   Includes shipping and fees.   Let me know if you have anymore questions.   Edit:  May be willing to trade for HD800 with a balanced cable + $$$ since I remember HD800 being better with classical.  No other trades will be considered.
Also using spinfits with the white filters and can agree with the extra clarity. Bass is actually hitting less hard but everything sounds much more clear and natural. Very very happy.
Price drop!
Hey guys, selling my Lyr 2 / Bifrost Uber combo as pictured here.  Looking to go in a different direction for my desktop setup.   Bought these two units in October 2015 so very mint condition.   Comes with Gold Lion tubes and all original accessories meaning no USB connection cable to your PC.  Does come with the PYST cables as well.   Price is firm seeing as I paid nearly $1000 for all the accessories and extras.   Willing to sell the units separately but PM me...
New Posts  All Forums: