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Hey guys,   Up for sale is my WA7+WA7tp combo in silver.  Basically brand new with all original packaging and accessories.   These are the second generation with the EH upgrade tubes and a pair of Mullard CV4003's for the tube PSU along with all the stock tubes.  I am moving some gear around to invest more in a portable setup so these have to go!   Price includes shipping and fees.  I would be willing to sell them separately but at slightly higher prices.  Let me...
Just curious if anyone here prefers their WA7 stock without the WA7tp?
 Regarding the comfort, that is a very common experience for a lot of Audeze customers.  One of the ways to help is to buy a Lohb strap (search for Lohb on head-fi and send him a message) which you can attached to your headband to increase the comfort level.  The more expensive option is to opt for the Audeze carbon fiber headband which they sell for $200 which achieves the same goal (and might be even better comfort wise).  Having used both, they both take away from the...
 Sadly I don't have much experience with electrostatics.  The best for classical for the headphones I have used extensively would definitely be the HD800 paired with a tube amp. However, I was also very impressed with the HE1000 when I demoed it. I also hear the Utopia is very well regarded and might possibly be one of the best headphones in the market if you are willing to pony up the cash.
 Hard to say.  Both are equally amazing in their own right. LCD-X has the body which I really enjoy adding weightier notes for those times I want to listen to emotive or romantic pieces. HD800 has the timbre/tone advantage which makes piano sound much more realistic but sometimes too thin and polite. Overall its a wash depending on what mood I am in.
 Having just received the LCD-X, I would say it really excels with chamber music, especially string pieces.  It has very good imaging and coupled with the intimate sound makes it a joy to listen to.  My model seems to have a slight dip in the upper mids and a slight peak in the upper treble which makes piano notes a bit uneven but only really noticeable if I am looking for it. The LCD-X definitely doesn't have the expansive soundstaging, layering, and air of the HD800...
Hey all,   Potentially selling my HD800 with the HD800S balanced cable.  Would come with the original SE cable and the original box/manual.   Unit is 9/10 condition.  1-2 minor blemishes that are hard to see without shining light on them.  Will upload pictures later tonight.   Price is firm and includes shipping/fees.   -Ed
Awesome to hear all these impressions.  I recently traded in my AK100II for an AK70 (due to the smaller size, weight, newer screen, and increased power) and I am excited to get mine in.   Just to anyone who has tried both how the AK100II and AK70 compare in build quality?  I really loved how tactile the buttons were on the AK100II and if its around the same quality then it would be an extremely good buy.
Title   Let me know what you got!   EH tubes are preferred and welcome   Not really in the TP unless the price is right.
Title!   Let me know what you got!   EH tubes are preferred and welcome! Not really in the TP unless the price is right.
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