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 Thanks for the help.  I have visited B&H many times and they only have the AK Jr, X5 (1st gen), X3 (2nd gen), and some iPods on display.  You can definitely order them from their site and they are very good with returns so I might do it that way (or perhaps through Amazon).
 Thanks for linking me to your posts.  Very insightful.  I would be driving my Noble K10's with this so it is very sensitive to sources.  To me the perfect sound would be something that is really dynamic, detailed, with great texture.  I really like a balanced sound with a player that has great speed especially in the low end (I also really enjoy bass that hits deep). While it seems that I liked the X5II's implementation of the 1792A, I still preferred the sound coming...
Sorry to bother you but could you expand on this? What are some examples of these improvements in terms of things you can hear or how it makes the music sound?I am really curious since I enjoyed the sound of the X5II which uses the 1972A and am a big fan of the longer battery life and slimmer profile of the Plenue M.
Does anyone know of any alternative cases to the Dignis ones?  They look wonderful but I'm not a huge of the exposed top portion of the player.  I also love the silicon cases since they make the buttons more tactile than than when using the Dignis cases.
I think they did it on the top since most cases are fit from the bottom up. Having it right side up means that the top won't get scratched when you put it on your pocket.I'm curious to hear what you think of the JR versus the DX90. I found I greatly preferred the sound from the DX90 but I want to hear what others think. That black JR looks amazing though.
 Thanks Paul.  Really enjoy your products and the DX100 sounds absolutely wonderful.  Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.
Hey all,   Does anyone know where I could get another battery for the DX100?  Recently got one in a trade with a fellow head-fier and wanted to see if a new battery would help with the battery life.  I tried emailing iBasso but they didn't really respond to me.   Thanks in advance!
 Definitely will be more portable.  I think I like the DX90 better.  It has way more power so to me it makes stuff sound more dynamic.  The AK Jr has this wonderful tone to it though that I think bests the DX90.
 Nice.  It seemed that you liked the X5 II from that thread but I saw that you sold it today (I am also selling it right now).  I found that while the SQ was really good, I couldn't get past the scroll wheel after being used to touchscreens for so long.  Maybe its time to get another DX90. I am curious to hear how the 6G sounds in comparison to the X5 II without a DAC/amp so let us hear your impressions once you have more time with the unit.
 Thanks for the info.  Since the DX90 is going to be discontinued soon I was wondering whether or not it would be a good idea to pick up the J version but it seems that it would probably not make a huge difference.
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