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Awesome.  Been looking to pick up a pair for a while for use in the gym.  While I don't mind using my K10's in the gym, I would prefer something smaller.   Everyone seems to say that the Savant has less bass quantity than the K10's but I am wondering how much?  Is it less than the N6 or N4?
I have been curious about this mod for a while. It seems to good to be true honestly. I am wondering if you had a point of reference to compare the amount of bass quantity (such as the DX90) so I could get a better idea of what changed.
 Update the firmware, put an SD card in it, and just enjoy the music.  Don't sweat the small stuff since going on this forum can make a guy go crazy. The AK120II is a fantastic product and the Angies are a fine IEM so grab your favorite liquor and just relax.   Be sure to let us know what you think once you get your gear in.
Woah.  Am I weird then?  I listen to most of my music on 26-30 (usually only on 26) on my AK100II single ended through my Noble K10's.  I remember when I demoed the SE846, I had to crank up the volume a bit more than the K10s but nothing drastic.  I guess it's true what they say about the balanced output having less power?
 Haha!  I guess I am the only one here who loves the faux croc design/feel.  I honestly thought that the AK100II didn't really look/feel like a premium unit until I got the case just last week.  I feel that  it looks way better in pictures/person than it does with the original case.
 I kind of agree.  The AK100II to me offers slightly better clarity and microdetails but the DX90 is not far behind.  Definitely not 2X behind. I also hope that the DX80 will be a huge success and will give the AK120II a run for its money!   I like how simple the iBasso UI is.  I found the UI to be much better than the X5 (probably in part to the scroll wheel) due to the size of the text in relation to the screen and how fast the scrolling of files were.  What I would...
Wise words!  As with most new products, I tend to get overly excited with the new releases.  In the back of my mind I probably am expecting the AK100II to still win out but who knows?  iBasso could definitely have a winner in their hands.  Hopefully the first round of reviews will let me know, for better or for worse.
 Haha, I definitely admit that the price was hard to swallow.  Luckily for me, I bought mine secondhand in like new condition. There are things that the AK100II does better than the DX90 such as the slightly slimmer profile (making it easier to pocket), nicer looking and more usable UI, the better touchscreen, better screen quality, and of course better battery life.  To me these things made the AK player more enjoyable to use on a day to day basis. However, I still love...
We will have to wait to see.  I loved the implementation of the CS4398 chip in my AK100II but didn't really enjoy it on the FiiO X3II.  I slightly prefer the AK100II to the DX90 and the DX90 greatly to the X3II so we will see how this goes!
Good to hear Dopaminer.  It's awesome to hear that they got your AK120II back to you so fast.  Definitely should be the case for the amount of money their devices cost!   While we are posting pictures, here a picture of my setup:       K10's with AK100II.  Everything sounds amazing on this setup.  Very detailed, clear, and smooth which is great for my daily work/commute.  Whenever I want to rock out, I just EQ up some bass and it still sounds sublime.  Can't ask...
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