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Awesome to hear all these impressions.  I recently traded in my AK100II for an AK70 (due to the smaller size, weight, newer screen, and increased power) and I am excited to get mine in.   Just to anyone who has tried both how the AK100II and AK70 compare in build quality?  I really loved how tactile the buttons were on the AK100II and if its around the same quality then it would be an extremely good buy.
Title   Let me know what you got!   EH tubes are preferred and welcome   Not really in the TP unless the price is right.
Title!   Let me know what you got!   EH tubes are preferred and welcome! Not really in the TP unless the price is right.
Hey all,   Interest check on a mint condition AK320.  Price includes fees and shipping.   Been using streaming alot more recently so considering getting a DAC/amp for my phone or getting a DAP that less me use spotify.  I might consider a trade for DP-X1 + cash but still debating whether or not I want to keep it since I love its sound sig.   Let me know if you have anymore questions.
Anyone know of any dealers that sell cheaper AK320 cases?  All the ones I have seen are quite expensive.   Still enjoying this awesome player and patiently waiting for my CIEMs to come in.  Using some recabled R2Pros in the meantime.  
 Not exactly the same comparison but having recently purchased the AK320 and comparing it to the AK100II, it really is no contest.  AK100II sounds wonderful but the AK320 is just that good.  Definitely glad I bit the bullet this time. Don't have a pair of fitears coming in but waiting for some Noble Katanas instead.
Hey all,   Got an LCD-3F built in March 2016 this year.  Condition is mint.   Sounds fantastic but recently made a pretty big portable purchase so have to let this go and stick with my HD800 for now.  They are amazing sounding headphones and I would definitely buy them again but alas need the funds.   It comes with all the original accessories and carrying case with the extra Lohb Strap.  Price includes shipping and fees.  No trades at this point in time.   I'll...
 Congrats.  I recently made the choice to go with the AK320 as well (had an awesome awesome deal).  May I ask why you liked the 320 more? Still waiting for mine to come in though.
 Interesting.  I also really like the color of the AK300.  I was leaning towards the AK300 since it costs half the price and your impressions have started to convince me maybe my instincts are right.
 Amazing to hear.  Might have to pick one up again since I absolutely love how this guy sounded.
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