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Hey all,   This is the version with 2016 drivers with Carbon Fiber headband.  Perfect condition.  Comes with all original accessories and boxes.   Updated with pictures.  Price includes shipping and paypal fees.
 I recently had the WA7 (second generation) and I was really worried I wouldn't like the onboard DAC but to my surprise it sounded very very good. Sadly I didn't have any other DAC's (or the first gen) to test it against but I came in expecting to be disappointed and was very surprised about how great it sounded. Don't forget they also changed the amplification stage as well though I'm not sure if that's included in the upgrade.
Just bought the CMA600i from a fellow head-fier.  Really really impressed by this piece of kit.   I must agree and say that it pairs very well with the HD800s which is rare for a solid state amp in my experience.   Will post some more impressions once I get more headtime.
Just placed an order.  Seems like I will get it tomorrow.  Can't wait to try them out with my Noble Katanas!
Absolute mint condition.  Purchased a 2 months ago.  Comes with all the original boxes and accessories.  Screen protector slight scratches but extra ones in the box.   Let me know if you have anymore questions.
As titled!   Preferably with a black case!
  Thanks for the tips guys.  Really excited to try one of these guys out.  I loved my iPod's/CD Players in the past and even though they were a pain to use I still enjoyed them. I'm really digging the retro/solid design of the QP1R and hope it sounds as good as it looks.
Is Moon-Audio the only place to purchase them within the USA?
If anyone is interested, I posted my WA7/WA7tp (2nd gen) combo for sale on the forums.  Awesome sounding unit but I am swapping some funds around for a portable setup.
Hey guys,   Up for sale is my WA7+WA7tp combo in silver.  Basically brand new with all original packaging and accessories.   These are the second generation with the EH upgrade tubes and a pair of Mullard CV4003's for the tube PSU along with all the stock tubes.  I am moving some gear around to invest more in a portable setup so these have to go!   Price includes shipping and fees.  I would be willing to sell them separately but at slightly higher prices.  Let me...
New Posts  All Forums: