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Just wondering if people are interested in purchasing a lightly used Etymotic ER-4PT.  It doesn't come with the original box sadly but I do have the case it came with and all the accessories.  This includes the PT to S adapter.   I bought these earlier this year and I've probably used them for about 50 hours total.  Whenever I was not using them, I placed them in the carrying pouch.   Price includes shipping and we can split the paypal fees.   Edit:  Forgot to...
For sale is my lightly used Colorly C3.  It has a small scratch on the backplate which is shown on one of the pictures but it works perfectly fine.   It comes with the original box and accessories (USB charger, extra screen protector, and cleaning cloth).   Also included is a 32 gig microSD card.  I am asking for 75 bucks + shipping.  We can split the paypal fees.
Let me know if you have a pair of Mad Dogs with Alpha Pads!  Pics would be great as well!   I am located in New York City.
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Hey all,   For sale/trade is my Dunu DN-1000's.  They are brand new and unopened.  I got a good deal for them but really it was a terrible impulse buy since I don't really need or want them any longer.  I am charging $160 shipped and we can split the paypal fees.
New price since I couldn't find the boom mic cable.  Reduced to $180.   Also I PM'd everyone who was interested in the offer to see if they were still interested.  First person to respond to me with an acceptance (if they still want it without the Boom Mic) will get it.
Hey guys,   I've been having a problem with my DX50 in that when I try to copy files (through syncing in MediaMonkey) it always freezes midway and I would have to turn it off.  So now I sync the files through a Sansa Clip.  Does anyone have this problem and hopefully a solution?  This also happens even when I drag and drop many files onto the microSD.   I have formatted the card to FAT32 and updated to the latest firmware.
For Sale/Trade are my M-100's shadow.  They are in very good condition.  No cosmetic imperfections and I will take pictures later when I get home from work.  I have maybe about 100 hours used on them over the past 1.5 years.  The reason for selling/trading them is because I found out I am more of an IEM type of guy and I didn't really like the sound signature that they provided.  They come with the XL pads which are a couple of months old that I have only used for about 4...
Hey guys,   Recently bought a 7th Gen Classic and I was wondering if any of you have experienced problems with the software randomly crashing and then the audio starts to stutter and freeze, only playing a large blaring noise.  I haven't figured out if it a problem with the theme I am using (detailstext) or perhaps it is something with the RockBox stability itself.
Do you guys happen to know if the latest firmware version is the one listed on their site?
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