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 As with most audio related gear, I found that extended listening periods with different setups made the differences more apparent.  I will admit though that generally the differences in sound are very small when comparing well made DAP's.
This happened to me.  Make sure all your files are not "Read Only".  You can remedy this by selecting all the songs on your microSD card and then right click "Properties", uncheck the "Read Only" box, and then click "Apply".  Let me know if this works for you.
While we are on the subject on equalizers, I have heard that it's best to lower the volume of the frequencies that you don't want boosted (i.e. keeping bass the same but lowering the mid/high frequencies) versus just straight boosting.   What benefits does this provide?  Does it have to do with less distortion?
After doing a lot of reading and shopping for a new DAP, I couldn't help but to come back to the AK100II.  I think it ticks so many boxes for me that I didn't really appreciate until it was gone.   It sounds great, and non-fatiguing but still has enough detail and impact to keep you excited making it great for all genres of music. The touchscreen and display are so well done.  Never any touchscreen hiccups and I love how the album art is displayed (not too large and not...
 Honestly, everytime one of my electronics (mostly phones) that have experienced the "bloated" batteries, it was most definitely an internal issue and not one with the battery.  But that is my experience.
 I'd have to agree with you.  Really speaks volumes about the DX90 doesn't it?
Giles I can't thank you enough. That's exactly what I was looking for. While I found the DX90 to be more than adequate with most genres of music, I definitely felt it could have done better with Classical (I am also new to Classical music as well).I would agree with your opinion that the DX90 sounds a bit flat meaning you can't make out the ups and downs of the instruments and tones. This made the music lacking in character and emotion in some cases.It seems that the...
 If you don't mind me asking, how do you say it compares to the DX90? I really want something that sounds clean and articulate and from the reviews/impressions of the player, it seems that it can sometimes be really smooth and congested.
 There might be a couple of DX90's in the classified sections of the forum.  I highly recommend both the X5II and the DX90 since I love how they sound.  I would say that the DX90 has a better UI due to the touchscreen making browsing way easier.  Additionally the physical control buttons are a lot sturdier than the X5II in addition to fit and feel of the headphone out jack.  I will say that while the extra stiffness is nice meaning no accidental button presses, it made...
 I completely agree with this statement.  The DX90's bass is not as tight/defined as something like the DX100.  Thus I feel the bass loses a bit of its character as you mentioned.
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