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 From what I understand, the AK Jr does not have a true lineout meaning that you would be double amping.  While I have never had an issue with this personally, people report that it not desirable. Additionally, the X3II is already a great sounding player.  I would say that both are equal when it comes to sound quality meaning things like clarity/detail retrieval and so on. However, I will say that the AK Jr beats it handily in the form factor, UI, tonality, and if its...
 I have to agree. AK definitely tries to keep their players competitive by picking what features they can market and what features they can't. Take for example the AK100II versus the AK120II.  AK120II features twice the amount of internal memory, the dual DAC, and a stronger amp/balanced output.  Is this worth twice the amount of price of the AK100II?  Hard to say. I will say that it is definitely easy to justify the more expensive purchase if they have more features.  And...
Let me know what you got!
Let me know what you got!
DX100 for sale.  It's in great condition since it's been in a case this whole time.  Don't really bring it outside either.   Sounds AMAZING!  Just deciding to sell gear to fund my other hobbies (rock climbing/other headphone gear).   Price is $450 due to the extra battery and the (absurdly priced) silicon case.   Pictures will come later!  PM me if you got any questions!   P.S: Also willing to trade for something like  Lyr 2 or a Bifrost + Cash.
 Thanks for all the info dude.  You have been really helpful so far!
Waddup guys!   Doing a lot of reading lately on amplifiers since I recently purchased an LCD2-F.  It seems that generally, planar headphones require a lot more current than voltage.  I currently have the Element from JDSLabs which puts out around 1.1W @ 32 ohms.  Would I be better off with something like the Lyr 2 which puts out 6W @ 32ohms?  Would it make that much of a difference in terms of audible improvements?
   This is this first time I have heard of a Mogami cable.  Will definitely do some research on them when I have the chance.   Awesome to know.  I am really excited since I have been on an EDM binge lately.  Hope these do well with classical as well. I see you have the Burson Soloist.  I have heard many good things about this amplifier.  Does it sound the same as the SL?  And do you like the combination with your Audeze headphones?
I was really debating on whether or not to get the LCD-3's instead of the 2's and with the release of the LCD-4, it gave me a huge reality check on what my priorities were.   Happy to have ordered a pair of brand new LCD-2's for 1/5th of the price of the LCD-4's and they should be coming in Monday.  I ordered the Bamboo/Leather combo.   Any advice for a new owner?  I will be running them out of JDSLab's Element so they should have enough power.  I was thinking of doing...
 Are those the leather free pads?  I am actually so torn right now.  I have no idea whether or not to get the bamboo or rosewood since both have their ups and downs.  And though I want to try the leather free pads, it seems the leather will last longer.
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