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So anyone commented yet on the kind of blind test that Yahoo Tech did? https://www.yahoo.com/tech/it-was-one-of-kickstarters-most-successful-109496883039.html    I'd like to hear it side by side, but as I've currently got an iPhone 6 and an iPad Air, I'm already probably at the limit of what I can hear the difference in - I already rip to 320kbps CBR on everything.  I'd like to A-B the Pono and my iPhone once I get my X10s back from warranty repair.
Revolutionary? All apple and amazon have to do is start selling matching bit rates and they're gonna steal the thunder among normal consumers. But, if Pono hype will encourage this, and lead other manufacturers to bump up their quality, gimme a t-shirt!
Ok, just out of curiosity, how much of an audiophile do you need to be to jump up to stuff like this.  I primarily use my iPhone 5 through Klipsch x10 IEMs to listen to music.  Music I really want to listen to I buy the CD and rip it at 320kbps, because when I A-B'd 320kbps with the original CD (Clapton's CLAPTON over optical from my Macbook to a Yamaha recevier and USHER speakers) I couldn't hear a single difference. I can most definitely tell the difference between 128...
FWIW, Tuesday Morning by me has these for $49.99. Might just grab a pair.
  My two birthday presents ... may have to figure out how to make this a permanent stand.
Welcome!   Just retired from the Air Force late last year, now a blood-sucking contractor.  
My favorite Halloween costume.
Id like a nicer pair of IEMs.  I lost my M1's, replaced them with some Sennheisers from BB, but would love to try the A151s. I live the US.
Seller's wrong.  He was paid in full for his amplifier.  Buyer has money to repair the amp and will have a working amp.  Could he split the profit after repair between himself and the seller? Sure, but there is no obligation to.  The seller entered the beginning of the transaction hoping to trade a working amp for $540.  He got his $540.  It's done.   Consider this. If you had bought this from Amazon using a platinum card that insured products, and it was damaged in...
So if I wanted to troubleshoot my amp's lack of sound (through both headphones and speakers) where would I look first.  My wife did say there was a thunderclap be fore it stopped working (outside), but it worked for a few minutes a couple days later and then stopped working again.  I moved a week or two after that so it's been shoved to the side.   Could it be as simple as a fuse?
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