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Well, I bit. I hope I didn't just take one for the team in the quest to support those developing new equipment. I'll let y'all know in December I guess.
I was hoping some people had more info on it.  Or opinions on that DAC chip.
I think I posted this in the wrong forum - can I move it somehow to the full size headphone amplifier forum?
Does it have to be a movie you've watched for the first time?  I just watched Lilo and Stitch again last night.  Almost 50 years old, but I still tear up when Stitch says "This is my family.  It's small, and broken, but still good. Yes, still good."
Has anyone looked at The Billie Amp on Kickstarter?  Any thoughts?  Good looks, definitely.  Tube preamp, solid state amplifier, 125 watts.  Inputs include turntable, RCA, optical and AptX Bluetooth. I asked what DAC they were using and got this response: (apologize if there's already a thread - didn't see it in my search)
Paul's Boutique
Is this it? http://www.frys.com/product/3051679?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG
Thanks a bunch. I'll be looking for deoxit when I get home.
Well, in my case the scratchy knit is the volume, so tone control controversy takes a back seat. Incidentally, related newbie question: with three volume controls - the application, Windows, and the analog amplifier, which should be set to what? From my older days, I always was told to set the source volume, especially a gain control, as high as possible without distortion or feedback and control volumes on the amplification side. Presumably the application volume...
Steely Dan Gaucho, while I sit and relax after a hot day camping.
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