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OK, quick update here. Firstly I'm really impressed with these W30s. They are just what I wanted. Great levels of detail, good, even presentation, no lumps or bumps and although the high frequencies are all there, they never feel tiring. I'm listening to tracks I didn't like before, just because it's more like listening to the musicians, than their product and when I get home in the evening from the tube journey, I don't want to take them off! Over the ear, the cable...
Funny that, my only experience of the UE900s was in an Apple Store and I rejected them for exactly that reason....loose connector
Can anyone recommend a good replacement cable, with ear hooks and iPhone remote? I started looking around for the UE 900 blue cable but can't find one in the UK. The rubber one tangles a lot and pops off the top of my ear a bit too often.   p.s. I'm managing to get a decent seal with my Shure Olives, so sticking with those for the time being as I have quite a few spares, but might try the Comply P-Series in the future. Thanks again for all your help everyone! I'm...
OK, quick update, not really a review as such. Loving these IEMS! Great balance with plenty of detail. No bass humps but they go down low enough for my liking when necessary so no complaints there. I'm hearing tunes in bass lines that were only confused, generic bass on my Klipsch X11s. Highs are "sparkly" and clear but definitely not sibilant or tiring. Mids for me are hard to describe but seem to sit in just the right spot, not too forward and not do recessed either....
I'm using olives at the moment on my Klipsch so will definitely give them a try. Thanks
Excellent. Last queries for now: 1. Should I be concerned that the pair I received only say "W" and not "W30" on the sides? When did that change and was it purely cosmetic? 2. Do you recommend "burning in" the cable at all (I've never done it before on hi-fi)
OK, thanks very much for your thoughts. Currently leaning towards the W30 Edit - Found a pair for £209 - opened for testing with full warranty so bit the bullet 😊
Thanks very much for that. It makes a lot of sense for the UMs to have a less wide soundstage because of their intended purpose. In that case I wonder if I'm looking at going a bit higher up the "W" range? Although I just read a review by Twister that says the W50 is a high quality bashed IEM, so that doesn't sound good for me. Mmm.
Seriously considering a set of Westones as a significant upgrade from my Klipsch x11i. From reading this forum, I think I have a choice between the UM Pro30 and the W30, or throwing caution to the wind and hoping for a "final" purchase and going for the UM PRO50, albeit at an extra £140 expense.   I enjoy the Klipsch on a daily train commute, but I can tell there's definitely a "veil" over the music and they sound a bit fake...not quite realistic enough. They're fairly...
Spoke to someone at Logitech as I was hoping to buy them direct. They tell me they have been discontinued...is that correct?
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