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Having compared the 560 to the 500 head to head on the same system when I had the loaner program one, I honestly did not find it superior in anything except comfort, I felt the bass on the 500 was better to be particular, it really is nitpicking but maybe with some more listening time I would have found where the 560 exceeds it, I would say it's soundstage was possibly a bit better, it has been a long time since that comparison. I really, really want to hear an HE-6, but I...
I'm still convinced the best pads for the HE-500 are Lawton Audio d2000 ones, that's what I run on mine and I've had very positive feedback, granted my 500 has gotten weirdly high praise amongst those who were former owners, not sure if it's my headphone, the pads, or the gear(audio gd+mjolnir). I would like an HD800 for comfort factor alone to have something that doesn't tire my head out after numerous hours, but having had the chance to directly compare my 500 against...
I received the midwest pair today, not sure how this one got moved around but, i have it right now, sounds pretty good.
Don't know what to tell you there, I use a Furman pl8c power conditioner and it removed my ac line noise, but I had no dimmers.anywhere.
Also HiFi, it isn't necessarily that people don't agree with you on things, but honestly you claim that you hear differences with all cables, seemingly. I know from personal experience that I hear no difference between stock, DHC,.and the diy ones I've made with single conductor solid copper wire. And almost always you rate things according to their price point. It is hard to take your cable experiences as credible when you are so consistent. At some point you must have...
I currently have leather earpads on my he-500, but have been meaning to make some velour ones, just haven't gotten around to it. I like velour comfort, leather sound.
Of course the driver comprises the majority of the weight, but maybe we could reduce the other materials, maybe a lighter headband. I mean I really have no complaints about the weight or comfort really, I tolerate it. Just curious how much room to play is there, if the drivers are 90% of the equation not much we can do, but if they are only 60%, maybe we could shave off 100g or so, I would say that'd be stellar.
I really wonder how much we could reduce the weight of the he-500, without affecting the sound too much. I'm still going to wait on an he-6 successor or second hand before going to the 560, even though all the reviews are positive, at least not until a price drop. Really more curious how the 400i turns out.
I was initially going to say this but we are already losing too much precious helium that is better spent in research than balloons, I like to keep my ideas ecofriendly
Attach a pulley to the ceiling with a cable, put the he-500 on one end and a 500g weight on the other, now your headphones weigh virtually nothing!
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