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Looks like this is about the end of them. RIP.  The hd650 are not that much different anyways.
Anybody have any guesses on the ODA ODAC time frame.  I am thinking summer, but its just a wild guess.
  I like your reasons ;)    
Best thing I have read at head-fi in a while.   So you got your amp strictly for more volume?  
I have listened to Xonar Essence and it sounded the exact same as onboard.  Only difference was it could get my headphones ridiculously loud instead of just insanely loud.   Also, I know from blind testing that amping a HD580 with a powerful headphone amp (10V output) has little or no affect on the sound compared to my PC.  I remain skeptical that the O2 would do any better.  Most people here will dispute that, yet I am the only one to show actual test results.  What...
Can anyone compare the O2 to their computers onboard sound?   I mean take your headphones, plug them into the computer and do some listening.  Then run the PC -> O2 -> headphones and listen and post a comparison.  Thanks!
The 650 is not going anywhere, its part of the HD700's pricing strategy.  I wouldn't be surprised if the hd600s goes soon. Then the 598 would be right below the 650.
Is this the new design from Voldemort, or is it just the same O2 with different mounting locations for everything?
Yeah.  I ordered a $22 ($12 if I get a rebate lol) Asus Xonar DG card with a headphone amp build in.  I will report back with the results later this week.  I assure there will be no placebo effects in my impressions.  I am brutally hard on equipment reviews.
Thats why the person performing the test sets the volume at a reasonable fixed level before you listen.
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