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Yup. Looking forward to them.
Just a heads up that I listed my mint Yulong DA8 on the for sale forums in case anyone is interested. Thanks.
Just a heads up that I listed my Yulong DA8 in mint condition on the for sale forums in case anyone is interested.
Up for sale is my beloved Yulong DA8. It is in mint condition and comes in the original box as seen in the pictures with the original manual, power cord, and usb cable. This is an outstanding unit from my favorite audio designer. The USB implementation is particularly amazing and supports DSD playback. I am the second owner and purchased this item from an established Head-Fi member, who purchased it December of last year from Grant Fidelity (MSRP $1,299).    Check out...
+1 aside from not having noise, the blackness of background is remarkable. The internal supplied power to USB sounds very clean and high quality and gives the impressions it could be powered from low noise LIPO battery like the AUdiophilleo 2 and PurePower I used to have. It's really quite remarkable for an on board solution.
The DA8 is indeed very nice with the HE-400. I have been using the pairing almost exclusively for the last couple of weeks. It is very obvious that the 1W powers the HE 400 optimally or at least very close to its full potential since It sounds remarkably alive and engaging. I think there is special synergy with DA8 in addition to the sheer power. If HE560 is as sensitive as He400, the level of sound quality possible from DA8 alone should be remarkable.I would love to hear...
Is that a CablePro? Any thoughts on the change from stock?
I haven't experienced that at all. Mine has been dead silent using my Hifiman HE-400, JH Audio JH5 custom IEM, and Sennheiser HD 650. Glad you like it but sorry to hear about the noise your getting. Not sure what it is.
No new impressions? I figured there would be a flurry of impressions considering the price point and that it caters to the popular planar magnetic cans.
Sounds good. Ill have to take you up on that if I am ever that direction. I'm in Vegas now so feel free to bring them out here if you ever head toward the bright lights for a weekend hehe.Ill keep that in mind about the crack. I might sell the HD 650 but if I don't ill eventually get a tube amp again and crack might fight the bill.Wow, I hadn't even heard of the new models yet. A quick search led me to the thread on Head-Fi announcing the HE-400i and HE 560i. It's nice to...
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