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Yep I have just shy of 2tb and I tend to keep everything and a back up just in case. Like you i look for new music all the time, recommendations from my son, and checking out the new releases from erm other sources :)   cant have too much in my book :)
It is available here http://www.hdtracks.co.uk/women-and-children-first-2015-remaster :)
Very sad indeed i've been listening to some Yes quite a lot recently too .... R.I.P. 
Hi from another UK member. I still use my old creative zen when i'm out and about as the price of current DAP's is too much for me but i still like to keep up on the current developments. Enjoy your stay here :)   Ian
It happens quite a lot on here :)
I still use my creative zen and recently the remote failed.Finding a new one is proving difficult so i thought I would see if someone has one they are willing to sell.    Thanks for looking    Ian
I'm listening to an album i first heard way back in 1981 and if you like your rock to be French flavoured then give "Trust" a listen.  "Repression" followed by "Savage" should be a good start :)
Welcome :)
Brilliant album and one of my absolute favorites :)   http://ultimateclassicrock.com/acdc-if-you-want-blood-youve-got-it/
Sorry for your loss ...
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