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Brilliant album and one of my absolute favorites :)
Sorry for your loss ...
Nice use of the lovely phrase "fart arsing around"  :)
Meshugga - Chaosphere :)
Welcome :)
I feel the same for me it's been nearly four years since my son's death and it never gets any easier. I'm sorry if thats hard to hear but for me there is no coming to terms with it. I cry every day and i think this is completely normal. Perhaps talking about it here may not be the right place but you never know it might just be what some of us need. I have a loving family, mum and dad have been wonderful and i don't know what i'd do without them, although i have been...
I have in the past without any noticeable problems or you could try network cables if you have any to spare :) 
My sincere condolences. I'm afraid i know just how your feeling right now.
I have the ue 6000 and find it has no need for an amp i run mine, on occasion, from my old creative vision M without any trouble hth :)
Hi I was in a similar situation as yourself and have seen on andvancedmp3players website some returned eo9k's, they had one or two only yesterday, but today they have all gone.They also list on ebay as i have bought my e07 from there. it could be worth checking everyday you never know when they'll have more in :)
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