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Hello Grado Fans, from Narsarsuaq, Greenland!  
 Awesome! Congratulations man! Sweet find!
Any weight differences between e-series and their respective prior generation counterpart? I was compelled to ask when I saw online that the SR325 weighs more than the PS500
   I thought the PS1000 sold for 1900$ when they first came out. Maybe that was just Bay Bloor Radio, or maybe I just remember incorrectly...
 As a Geophysicist, I can survey the headphones for you if you want LOL
Oh how I wish I could justify buying these, seriously!
Ok awesome people, there are two things I want to make you aware of :D :D :D :)   First, anyone looking for a RedEye pair of Grado headphones? There is an Alessandro MS1i in FS/FT:   Second, there is a pair is PS1 in FS/FT, these show up for sale only seldom, here is a link to the post:
 +1 Agreed
  Awwwwww yeeeeeeee! +100
 These are seriously awesome headphones! Enjoy them to the fullest :D
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