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I wonder if Grado are still producing the "i" models alongside the "e" models given people's very different views, sounds like each serie appeals to a respective market. :S
It plays 78s, and it is in mint condition, I even have all the original needles. I have about 200 78rpm records, and a little more than a 1000 (three zeros) 33,1/3rpm records. I have a Sony turntable for the other vinyl. Working at a University Radio Station has its privileges
Funny thing is, I even have a 1917 cabinet Victrola
Hey @whirlwind, thanks again for the RS1i's, these headphones are super comfortable even though I do not have Grado ears. I am listening to John Coltrane's "My Favourite Things" (1961), and wow, sounds soooooo good!
I have not tried the GS1000i's, so I can only imagine how big the difference will be when I try out the GS1000e... Step 1, go to the shop when they actually have them in stock
RS1i's make this song sound sooooo good:  
I love the soundstage of the GS1000 non-i, very good for live recordings (in my opinion)
Congrats man, hope you enjoy your Grados as much as I enjoy all of mine. Friends be like "why do you so many headphones" and I ask them, "why do you have shoes". Each sound different, and justify a style of music respectfully. Just like how you would pair shoes with a matching belt/attire. Enjoy them! And welcome to the group
Saw the video earlier this morning.
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