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Good luck with that... You are not going to hear any of your music, and you are going to feel so tired with the added sound from the music you can barely hear.
*drool* smores!
Just wait until he opens it up to find a pari of iGrado'sLOOL!
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
In addition to my latest post, I just sneezed really loud, so it woke everyone up... BIG SMILE! Muahahahaha
On the train at the moment (Montreal to Toronto), traveling Business Class, like a boss, and one lady told me to turn down the volume in my headphones (MS2i with G-Cush) because she can hear the music . The thing is, the volume on my Lenovo W520 is only about a quarter of the way up. Seriously, how do you hear that in a noisy train?! Whatever loool.   Disclaimer: I am only traveling Business Class because it is cheaper than Economy... Do not ask me why, but it just is.  
Although it does not work, I am still using it indirectly to drive my Grado headphones. If it were not for this, I would have nowhere to put my turntable, hence not be able to listen to my delicious vinyl.
I have realized the simpler the headphone (i.e. Less features), the better they are generally. You have no fluff to try to sell a pair of headphones, and no sources of potential noise. Direct line from amp to transducer is the best way to go Oh, and Grado headphones look good too
Enlighten me, please, what in the world is a Grado Frankenstein?
 +1 I agree completely, it is what makes money, a lot of money, and fast! We are in a time where people hear their music, instead of listen to it.
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