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 Agreed, that was some real music, with some imaginative lyrics!
Been a while, but just letting you all know I am still alive :-D. Sitting here in my office on a Sunday, and this is getting me through the afternoon:  
 Awesooome. Let us know your impressions once you get enough time with them! I would love to try them out one of these days.
Based on what I have read, a good tube amp will tame the analytical nature of the PS500, a warm up the RS1i. However, those whom actually have that amp with those headphones are in a better position to answer.
Miscommunication generally jeopardizes safety since it compromises the integrity of the whole aviation system in that specific region. So there is a risk.
 I like the contrast of the yellow/black. I saw a pair of those pads for sale at a shop here in Waterloo a while ago, was thinking of getting them to try them out on my SR80i. Did not get them, and have sold my SR80i since, I still have my SR80 original. I actually have them in my office on campus as a second pair of headphones, my main headphones here are the SR850
 I fly, and have heard the most ridiculous things on the radio.
 I just realized after replying to your previous post! Woo! Odometer roll-over!
 Are those the Sennheiser pads on the SR80e? If yes, how do you like them?
 Oh boy, I washed a pair of L-cush... worst idea ever. They started falling apart, and I was washing them so gently! I would rather keep my pads intact when they are old, than wash them. That being said, I keep my face/ears clean, so no real need to wash the pads.
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