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Anything coming up in Montreal soon? Sent from my Q10 using Tapatalk
Also just installed Tapatalk APK on my BlackBerry Q10 to keep up with the excitement! Sent from my Q10 using Tapatalk
I introduced the name to the "Grado Fan Club!" thread. Let us see if it catches on.
Jonathan came down like the hammer of Thor on the seller
In another thread we coined the term "Grado RedEyes" for the un-marked i models with the red drivers
Ok, I guess we can settle on calling them "RedEyes"!
In case anyone cares, this guy does not ship to Canada.
People rocking those specific headphones all have red eyes... I mean RedEyes
Can someone please send that to Jonathan Grado? Let the facepalmage BEGIN!
True, the PS500 has a very "in your face" bass, nevertheless good sound distribution. But yesterday I found myself having to switch from PS500 to GS1000 when listening to Jose Gonzalez' Veneer album. It simply gave the music significantly way more justice allowing more sounds to break through.
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