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Hey Everyone,   Been away for a while from the site. Was laid off about a month and a half ago, and been dealing with my move from Montreal back to Waterloo. How is everyone doing? :)
 Hm, interesting. What was the difference you notice?
Anyone here auditioned/owned the RS1i and MS Pro side by side? If yes, what are the differences? Would it be comparable to the difference one would notice between the SR325i and MS2i?
  Looooks gooooooooooood!!!
Listening to this through RS1i. I had a friend over on Thursday, and made them listen to it. They started crying, because they just realized what music is supposed to sound like...    
 Hahahahaha, did you go to the shop and destroyed them yourself? You are the headphone champion if so :p :p :p
 Do you have any pictures of the modded blocks?
 Lol! I mean... there are alternatives you know... like Beats by "Doctor" Dre... ;)
 Hm, I wonder whether you could by those aluminium rod blocks from Grado directly, and do the modification yourself... *pensive*
 Hahahahaha, maybe so my friend... Nevertheless, this sounds good whatever Grado you are wearing! 
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