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 Go to an audio shop where they sell all these models, try them out and get a feel for them. That would be the best option in my honest opinion.
Hey everyone!   Does anyone know where one can download 24/96 quality albums?
I wish I had a bigger apartment, I would have loved to host a mini-meet :p. Until that happens, enjoy this gem:  
Hey! Thanks :D I appreciate people liking the photos!
 What exactly do you want from your headphones? Also, consider the difference in price, because the GS1000 is 1000$, where are the PS500 is roughly 600$...
 Oh boy, well, they each have their pros and their cons. I can not really tell which one it my favourite, because if I truly had a favourite, I would only own that one pair. Comfort: GS1000Bass: PS500Warmth: RS1Style ("look"): PS500Sound distribution: GS1000Musicality: RS1
 Totally depends on what I am listening to. They each treat the music differently.
Just a few more pictures, sooo sunny in Montreal today! :)      
There are a few in Montreal (maybe 5 that I have seen on Head-Fi), that should be enough for a decent get-together
Nice, I do not have an extension for my headphones, not sure I really need it though.
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