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rectified excuse me
Hello, I would be interested by: M3 + o11: 420$ With shipping to France M3 + other power supply in 220v 50hz 400$ with shipping to France I am interested by M3 with or without chassis
Is it on sale allready ?
Hi, I am verry interesting for you sale. I can put $1750 for the all (he60 + hev70 with stax adaptator). but I cannot buy it now , because this would be a Christmas present and I must sell my ancient equipment (hd 650 + ampli darkvoice 3322)
I have a darkvoice 3322, What tubes to buy? Thanks
Hi, is my first message on this forum. I shall like to buy an ampli for my Sennheiser HD 650 . I have a budget of 350$. Thank you for answering and Sorry from my English I am French and i am 15 years hold :/
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