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I used a y2 DAC from amb lab according some feedback, M^3, B22 are not brilliant with He-5le. They advise the ef5 but I do not believe it. the ef5 is an hybrid at $300, I don't see how it could beater as b22. But I am perplexed on the subject.
Pour bidoux special edition en français :D Merci de vos reponces Je compte changer d'ampli car mon m^3 n'est pas adapté à mon hifiman he-5le. (d'apres des feedback) je vais attendre des tests de l'ampli ef5 (hifiman) qui sois disant est tres bon avec le he-5le mais j'ai toujours detesté les hybrides. je vais attendre d'autre feedback pour me faire des idées       thank you for you replies. I count changed my amplifier because my m^3 is not adapted has my...
hello, I have just bought a hifiman he5le, I wish to take an new amplifier, I seek the acute proposed. Today I drive my he-5le with a M^3 I have a budget of $600 for an unbalenced amplifier.   sorry if my english is bad i'm a young french     thank you very much
hello, I would like to know best headphone amplifier DIY I think than there is better than the b22   thank you :)
rectified excuse me
Hello, I would be interested by: M3 + o11: 420$ With shipping to France M3 + other power supply in 220v 50hz 400$ with shipping to France I am interested by M3 with or without chassis
Is it on sale allready ?
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