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  my transformer 220v 30va destroyed 2 S11, I prefer to forget the S11 and buy a PSU Vellman But the problem is that my PSU is isolated from the chassis. V- and V+ aren't connected to the chassis.
Thank you   I must therefore place stronger resistance? like 100Ohm ?
No my power supply is isolated from the chassis and they don't have output ground on it.
I use a gamma2 DAC as source.  But the intersection smoke when there is analogique source or not.
I use a power supply Vellman I have some old photo when I used a O11 but the O11 died. I do not have the amp with to me, I will take some more recent photos this weekend. This does not smoke exactly on the capacitor but on the intersection of the capacitor and resistor 10ohm on the ground loop breaker.   thank you
Hello, My m3 worked perfectly a few days ago. But since one week I hear noise. Impossible to remove with a ground locker. But when I isolate the potentiometer chassis the noise disappears. But it is impossible in my setup to isolate it. More ever recently when I turn on the M3 the ground louker smokes at the capacitor. I use this method: I think that a component is dead on the ground channel, but I have no idea of the culprit. Thank you for helping me. Best...
no sorry
Thank you very much warp08 The price for the repair by sennheiser is around $800 I will look for other repair method
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