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because I live in France and the shipping is less expensive if I send it in my state than another in europe.
Hello guys, My Stax power supply burn this morning . I am scarded that my amp too, but I don't know. I would like to know where buy a stax srm-252 power supply, 220V or 100V but I prefere the 220V Thank you    Sorry if my english is not perfect, I am not yet a perfect bilingual.    Edit: Found on Ebay
Hello, I sell my dac gamma2, it is in perfect working condition, no problem. 10/10 For the physical state, it has slight traces of wear. 7 / 10 With this DAC I sell an european power supply (220V) for 110V the power socket is standard, you can find a PSU on the market easily.   Price shipping includ (paypal) 210€ for France 220€ for the EU 235€ for the US
$250 !!!!!   BUT IT'S A FAKE !!!  I have compared with mine (bought from AudioCubes) the screws on the inside are not at the same place.
Hello, I sell my DIY cable. It's built with rca plug in carbon and rhodium. The pictures don't see the depth of carbon, but the plug are incredible. The cable is formed by 7 strands of copper plated silver. The foliage is pure silver. The cable is thick (8mm), but it is flexible, it avoid to damag your RCA ports.   Sorry if my english is bad, I'am not a perfect biligual.   The price is in euro not USD. 60€ Europe paypal 70€ America paypal I accept to...
  How much do you offer me ? for a stax 007mkII black edition in perfect condition, like new. Serial numbers sz3 1510. I used it 4 hours, because I don't receive my amp yet. I just tried it in shop. This does not mean that I agree to sell it. I do not try to sell it, but if your offer tempts me, I would yield you.   I am sorry if my english is bad but I am not a perfect biligual.
I have a stax 007mkII like new (3 hours) serial number: sz3 1510. But I don't understand why you are interested by this serial number.
Hello everyone, I would like to get a pair of Stax Omega2 SR-007 mk2 or mk1 (only version with black pads)  PM me if you're interested Best regards Charles   Found
I do not have the amp with me, I collect information and I will check everything this weekend. The PSU Vellman support very well my transformer, it does not heat up (the s11 was very hot) and makes me a beautiful 30.0V.   Thank you for your infomations, I check this weekend.
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