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Hi, I bought these cards in to build the amp during my vacation, but I have more time to devote. I have 2 set of kgsshv 1 with heathink on board 1 with heatthink off board And 3 PSU   1 Set with heathink off board (rev 0.4) + 1 PSU (rev 0.6) (3 board: 1 right channel, 1 left channel, 1 psu) 18€ (paypal) 1 Set with heathink on board (rev 0.2) + 1 PSU (rev 0.6) (3 board: 1 right channel, 1 left channel, 1 psu) 22€ (paypal) 1 psu extra: 8€ 1 Stax...
You like ps audio plugs  I paid 17$ for 4 plugs
  Thanks   In doing this, I did not think it would be so difficult to manage many sheath ( 2 cottons, cooper, teflon, PET)
    It's a 50cm rca cable. With a silver wire (99,99%) cryo. There are one additional cotton sheath than the picture.
Hi, I sell my SR-007mkII  Seriel number: SZ3-15**   It's in perfect condition of use and like new.   Price:  1400€: paypal fees and shipping to France 1450€: Paypal fees and shipping to EU 1500€: Paypal fees and shipping to US (it's possible that you will have custom fees) For other country send my a PM.   I also sell a SRM-252S in perfect condition. I am very surprise by this amp Add 170€ for the amp.  
Hi, I am interested by this dac, I live in France, and I prefer the 220V units, but a 110V units is fine too. Tell me your price for DAC + shipping + paypal fees by PM.   Thanks you
Is it possible to have some pictures ? Thanks :)
Hi, I want to sell my dock ipod pure i-20. The dock has coaxial out (work perfectly with an external DAC),optical out and analog output. The analog output use an internel DAC on the dock,   The dock is in good condition,only some strachs on the black plastic. I lose the box and the manual. I sell only the dock, the psu 110/220 volt with EU plug and the remote controler   The dock don't work with old ipod like Ipod classic 5G !!   Price (shipping and...
there are some signs of wear, no scratches, painting are a little off on the screws and registration 300 mA. We can see it on the pictures
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