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If you want to contact Phil go on the head-fi fecebook page, he is very professional, he was talking about a B22 that costed 22K to build.   Me: "Phil 22K for a B22, you got scammed, I built one 2 years ago for less than 1,5k (Balanced with active ground, 2x Sigma 22, 3 inputs selector)"   Phil "Yeah, and how ugly is yours, Charles? You know nothing about what parts are inside my amp. I got scammed? Boy, you are a stupid son of a bitch. I didn't pay for labor you...
I want to buy an Oppo PM-3 I live in France, Please send me your offer by PM. Thank you
pm send
Very interessed for a listen here in Canada, I can run the HE1000 with a Buffalo 3se Sabre DAC and a Beta22 I would like to compare it with my SR009( with SRA-12S amp or KGST amp) and my LCD-3
Thank you for your answer I'm currently reading the topic, there are many pages but it is very interesting. I wondered if it was possible to design stators with the "fazor" system of audeze, it would require a precise cnc machine to adapt the "fazor" to the tiny holes of an electrostatic stator, but is it worth it?   Edit: I made some research, the problem is the large size of magnet. it's not important on electrostatic structure.
Hi, I just stumbled on this wonderful thread. I would like to know what tricks work well. For the stator: What materials to use? What coating used? For the spacer, what materials to use? What thickness is favorable for a 580V bias ? For the diaphragm,How to measure the pressure to apply? Thank you  
I sell a stax srm 252s like new It came without original box and with EU 220v PSU, (it is a standard PSU you can buy a 110v one everyever) I live in Canada, but i can send it everyever Payement by paypal Shipping: Canada $15 US $25 EU $45
I received my cable 3 weeks ago. And today I see that some cables are broken, 2 cables are cut and other damaged just before the jack. It's really amazing, I've never had it on my other cable and I'm very careful with my equipment.
Thank you for you're reply. I prefer treble smoother, and I really found that treble on the SR-009 are agressive, the 009 is perfect on the rest, incredible natural but treble ruin it. (on my setup) On a few songs that do not go very high, the sr009 is just amazing, but when we have a strong female voice, it does not longer work.   I will listen on shop when I will come back to France all Stax amp distributed (323, 006, 600 and I hope to find 727, 007) and I will listen...
Hi everyone,   Sorry if my English is not perfect I am french. I have some questions about amp for SR-009 I just bought my sr009 on price japan. Actually I use an SRM-252s, I know is the worst stax amp :) but it's provisory. I would like to buy an new amp, I really love the SR-009, but there is one thing that it can be better, it's the treble, they are a little bit aggressive on my setup.   I see 3 amp in my budget. The stax SRM-323s, the SRM-006ts and the Woo audio...
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