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Subbed for review :)
I had mine since May and my cable now have a break on the left side near the 2 Pin connector to the IEM. Audio breaks when it's wiggled.    I have emailed Linum to see what the warranty is going to be like.
Ordered one, missed out on free shipping which was about 17 euros (24 aud) ouch. My currently cable has issues, hopefully this will last long :)   Placed an order during their morning and it was shipped out in the afternoon! Nice and fast from Linum
I am in Japan lol... went to fujiya... that place is d scary on the wallets. The surrounding shops are just as bad
will be working whole of next week and weekends :( you boys enjoy
bummer, signed on for notifications for this thread
if you don't mind sending one to australia :P i'll have a crack at reviewing it as best i can.   i have a wide range of music in japanese or english encoded in lossless or just normal 320kbps mp, these will be decoded via ASIO on Winamp   i run on my destkop a ASUS Essence STX Headphone Sound Card, creative x-fi fatality edition and a tianyun ZERO dac amp with OPA moon from audio-gd, these power my AKG 702 and a Alessandro Grado Lab MS-2. Majority of the time i...
hey guys, i just read a few post about AD797BRZ's and i might give them a go. just wondering where would i be able to obtain the adapter for these. and if i am not wrong these will go into the buffer area? if so would there be any complimentary opamps for the i/v
looking forward to your review might splurge abit and update my zero to a FUN.
i have a zero dac 2009 and its fine. its not bad. its not good either. imo spend abit more money on audio-gd's stuff like compass or the new FUN when curra does a review on it.
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