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Ordered one, missed out on free shipping which was about 17 euros (24 aud) ouch. My currently cable has issues, hopefully this will last long :)   Placed an order during their morning and it was shipped out in the afternoon! Nice and fast from Linum
I am in Japan lol... went to fujiya... that place is d scary on the wallets. The surrounding shops are just as bad
will be working whole of next week and weekends :( you boys enjoy
bummer, signed on for notifications for this thread
if you don't mind sending one to australia :P i'll have a crack at reviewing it as best i can.   i have a wide range of music in japanese or english encoded in lossless or just normal 320kbps mp, these will be decoded via ASIO on Winamp   i run on my destkop a ASUS Essence STX Headphone Sound Card, creative x-fi fatality edition and a tianyun ZERO dac amp with OPA moon from audio-gd, these power my AKG 702 and a Alessandro Grado Lab MS-2. Majority of the time i...
hey guys, i just read a few post about AD797BRZ's and i might give them a go. just wondering where would i be able to obtain the adapter for these. and if i am not wrong these will go into the buffer area? if so would there be any complimentary opamps for the i/v
looking forward to your review might splurge abit and update my zero to a FUN.
i have a zero dac 2009 and its fine. its not bad. its not good either. imo spend abit more money on audio-gd's stuff like compass or the new FUN when curra does a review on it.
no issues here yet... tho i am very interested in the compass... probably will take a look at that in a few months time and sell off my Zero
sounds like a great idea for people that would like to know about headphones. i'll read it
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