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My inventory sale continues!   Next is the Zero DAC with two OPA627s added to the adapter on the DAC section. I had used this with my AKG K702, but like the 702's it didn't see much use. It was definitely powerful enough to power the K702.   Comes with two manuals (Eng. + Chin.), power adapter, and I will toss in a toslink-to-3.5mm cable in as well.   $100 shipped CONUS (or $90 pickup from 95070).
Ever compare these to the AD300 or AD700?
It is what it is.   I'm a classical musician, avid symphony goer, musical geek, but I love my bass.   Besides a shift in musical tastes, technology plays a role, IMO. Similarly, in movie soundtracks there has been a big shift to add a lot of low LFE frequencies.
Is it true the second set of included pads are different than the ones that come on the headphones?
I can give you a more direct comparison between the 840's and the M50's once the 840's come tomorrow =)
I'm selling my K702, so I no longer need these cables. Purchased them to try with my headphones, but, like the headphones, rarely used them.   Here are the original links to the cables. Cable 1 (6ft) Cable 2 (5ft) Cable 3 (10ft)   $65 shipped CONUS for all three (or $55 local pickup from 95070).   Enjoy!
Damn just bought a pair off Amazon earlier today...needed closed headphones...and selling my K702.
Selling my very lightly used AKG K702 headphones. Purchased them almost 1 year ago, but haven't used them very much and can't justify keeping them if I can't use them. Comes from a smoke free home.   Headphones include all original accessories, paperwork, receipt, and box. Will also include a carrying case that I got for the headphones.   $210 shipped CONUS (or $200 local pickup at 95070). Payment through Paypal - please use "Gift" or add 3%.   Let me know if...
If you don't need isolation I would go with open-ear headphones (like your PX100's). Going by your musical tastes, you'd probably like the HD595/98 the best. I haven't heard the 598 so I'm not sure what has improved, but I've read that they have more treble.
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