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Bump with price drop
I do notice that the uDAC2 is warmer in temperature (the enclosure) than the uDAC when powering headphones. Did anyone else experience this?
Just installed my uDAC 2 upgrade. I finally decided to go for it. IMO it's a pretty incredible difference, for the better! Mids and lows sound a lot tighter, and there is better separation in the sound.   I did have to install it in "backwards", as I noticed the PCB of the uDAC 2 was slightly larger than the PCD of version 1.   Volume control is handy, as is the less obtrusive white LED.   I don't see Nuforce making a lot of money through the upgrade, so if...
Check out this alternative: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=103&cp_id=10303&cs_id=1030301&p_id=5437&seq=1&format=2   There is also a 1.5ft one available (this is what I use), but it's out of stock. Makes for a very convenient package!     
Updated with new info and links. Available in August!
Bump with price drop.
My inventory sale continues!   Next is the Zero DAC with two OPA627s added to the adapter on the DAC section. I had used this with my AKG K702, but like the 702's it didn't see much use. It was definitely powerful enough to power the K702.   Comes with two manuals (Eng. + Chin.), power adapter, and I will toss in a toslink-to-3.5mm cable in as well.   $100 shipped CONUS (or $90 pickup from 95070).
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