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If it's just for a sitting application, I think the SRH840's will be fine. They are definitely heavier than some other offers from other companies, but nothing that's not manageable. They might not feel as durable as other headphones, and sure, they have exposed cords like the Sony V6, but I have not read one bad experience with Shure's warranty support on broken headphones when it does occur.
Either the M50's, or the SRH840s (with the SRH940 velour pads!). My favorite two for those genres that you spoke of. The SRH840's are better for vocals, and sound great with electronica, but the M50's will give you some more low-bass output. Both are comfortable for me, but YMMV, esp. for the SRH840s, which seem more like a hit or miss for people. I think both are more comfortable than Ultrasone offerings.   Good luck!
There's a bunch of threads on this...that's why you're not getting responses.   Get the M50's. They will fit your needs fine.
I got a pair of the SRH940 pads for my SRH840, and honestly, I don't think there's a significant difference, if any.   Perhaps my gear is not "high end" enough    Get a pair and try them!
He is doing it for the Lulz.
M50's.   That's a long list, and to really get the right answer for you you're going to have to try them all. But in my experience with a few of the headphones above (M50's, 440s, v6, XB700, and K518 [same as the k81]), the M50 suits your needs the best. 
I don't really understand why the M50's are labeled as a FOTM. They've been recommended since 2008, and highly recommended since 2009. I guess time really is relative.    
Just wanted to give an update...   I bought a pair of new SRH840's, and right out of the box, I hated them. Packed them up and sent them home.   However, there was a deal for a used pair of SRH840's that was just too good to resist...I thought, "hey, I might just have a pair on hand for future comparisons."   The used pair sounds GREAT. I love them. I'm a believer in burn in for these headphones. Call me a new man. Definitely fixes a lot of (IMO) problems of...
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