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No problem! I havent tried that model of the AT or the Sony, but I have the Sony 7506 and had the M50s. The main difference of the Denon is that the pads go around your ears, not over them, so your ears aren't squished. I would say the Denon actually has more clamping force than the looser 7506/V6, but don't cause the same discomfort because the ears are kept alone. I just had them on this weekend for a 4 hour flight and had no pains.   Hope that helps!
All three brands will give you the sound that you're looking for. The Beyer DT770 PRO or the Denon AHD1100 will be the most comfortable.   The Beyers are, IMO, the most durable, followed by the Ultrasone (I had the PRO650 and the PRO750, the HFI line you're probably looking at may be different), followed by the Denon. The Denon are definitely "plasticy" headphones, but have metal resin earcups. All three are well constructed, though.   That being said, I own the...
You can do a'll probably get the regular contenders. DT770, M50's, HFI-580s, ADH1100's, maybe the Crossfade LP's. You probably won't need to spend that much of the budget. I will say that the Beats Pro are pretty good headphones if you can get them for less than $300.
Have you checked the connection of the cable?    
  Selling two charcoal grey Auaralex Grammas. They were used in my apartment, which I moved out of and no longer need. Both are in good condition, and come with the original box as well.   $35 local pickup (95070) for each. Thanks!   Best way to contact me is by email: jspwudavis at gmail dot com
I'd recommend the SRH840, but they may not be comfortable for all people. That, or the M50 (which have a more clamped fit than the SRH840, but still comfortable).   If you get the SRH840 I recommend the velour earpads of the SRH940 for them.
Been using for almost a month now. So far so good, but the heat thing bothers me. Hope it doesn't develop into an issue.    
  Very gently used iPod Classic 160gb up for sale. Has always been in its case w/ screen protector, and as you can see in the pictures it has a clear back protector as well, so there are no scratches. Comes with the orignal case, receipt, dock adapter, and box (no headphones or cable). Feel free to contact me with any questions!   $190 shipped CONUS, Payment through Paypal.
I wouldn't call the M50's hype. They have been consistently recommended for the past two years, and I can attest that they are indeed great headphones in the price range. The SRH840/940, on the other hand, are newer to the market. I personally enjoy the SRH840 more than the M50's, but I understand the M50's appeal.    
                      Up for sale is my Canon Rebel XT Camera (Black) with extras. Quite honestly, I did not use the camera much, and the body still feels very new (not the worn down, "slick" feeling).   Includes everything you see in the picture: Rebel XT Body Tamron 80-210mm f/4.5-5.6 Lens w/ Hood Targus Battery Grip 3 Batteries 2 Chargers (includes original) 2gb Sandisk Extreme III CF Card 256mb Sandisk CF...
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