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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention - I'm using it unamped.
I've got the AD700 and I pretty much only listen to classical. They are absolutely superb! Everyone always chimes about the soundstage, and when I got them, I found out why. It also captures all the intricacies such as light bass plucks. They really reveal the recording quality, though. Some CDs I have of live performances now have slight whispers from the audience I never heard before.
Like everyone here has said, they make decent products, just way overpriced. I've tried the QC2, the QC3, and the On-Ear headphones and they are all fine and comfortable, with good build quality - just not the sound quality for something that's $300. My refurb Audio Technica AD-700s cost $65. Monster cable is similar....they don't make bad speaker wire and cables, they just charge a usurious amount for them.
I'm using my ATH-AD700's unamped. I've been wondering what they will sound like amped, but haven't tried it yet, mainly because I don't have a headphone amp (although I guess I could plug it into my receiver). I've heard that the ATH-AD-700s and the AD-900s sound completely different. That being said, I know the AD-700s are somewhat low for your price range, I think you should give them a try. I'm very impressed with mine, and I listen to mostly classical music. ...
Mine don't feel itchy... :-/ Not sure how to help here.
Quote: Originally Posted by FraGTaLiTy Audio Technica ad700 You will not be disappointed. I was going to say that as well - they seem like a pretty obvious upgrade from the AD500s. Sennheisers and AT definitely have a different sound, though, so if you're looking for something new, the HD595s could be what your looking for.
I never found Bose stuff to "suck", just waaaay overpriced. Their Acoustimass systems do sound fine for how small they are, just, when compared to offerings from Onkyo and other HTiB systems, the Bose are not worth the $1000. The headphones aren't bad, but not worth $300+. Similarly, Monster cable doesn't make "bad" cables, they just like to use deceit and charge usurious prices for them (so much that they've become notorious and the butt of audio jokes).
I just got my AD700 in the mail today, and I can say, they fit PERFECTLY! All my worries are gone, and I am super relieved! Again, my hat size is a Large (22 5/8" Circumference), which I have always considered small, so measure yourself before you buy!
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