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I have a problem with the answer choices. It's kind of a loaded question and anyone on Head-Fi would choose option "bottom-left."   I don't believe they are high-end headphones, but they are definitely steps above the ipod headphones, have comfort, and look trendy (subjectively). I have a problem with response "bottom-left" because not all Sennheiser headphones are great. Like every company, some stuff is great, some good, and some bad. Beats are terrible in... more! For a much lower price, the AKG K430 are a good choice too. These are on-ear headphones, but still very comfortable.
Audio Technica AD700, Sennheiser HD448, or the older HD555 (if you can find it new for less than $100..) are good choices to start.   I also really enjoy the Denon D1100, although it does color the sound, it makes classical music sound very lush (after bumping the mids a bit). Electronics Expo has these for $108 shipped after a code.
No experience with the D2000, D5000, or the D7000, but I love my D1100's. The bass response is absolutely fantastic (guilty pleasure!), and in order to compensate for the recessed mids I bumped up the 250-2k khz range to bring them forward a bit.   I used to not be a fan of bass heavy headphones (I still have my AD700 and SHR840 as main headphones), but since I have found the D1100, these have been my most-used headphones.   And no shame in liking the
Selling my "backup" pair of these headphones that I have not opened from its original box. Comes with everything the headphones would come with, of course =)   I''ll take care of the Paypal fees - Price includes Priority Mail shipping to anywhere in the CONUS!  
I think these are more supposed to be collector's items. Essentially glorified D1100 headphones..
Yup! I'll definitely agree to that. I did toy with EQ and it did sound quite good as an all-purpose can.   However...I actually got them for their bass, haha. I use the SHR840 and AD700 for most music, but I use the D1100 as my bass-heavy cans for, well, bass heavy music =) Wanted something that was similar to my subwoofers..!    
If you don't mind used (like-new condition), Electronics-Expo through Amazon has a pair of open box Denon D1100's for $99 + shipping. IMO the D1100 is a huge step up from the D1001/Creative Aurvana Live! headphones, both in comfort and sound.
The XB500 is a good choice, but they go over your ears, not around them.   Out of the headphones I have tried, the only closed headphone with a lot of bass and goes fully around my ears are the Denon D1100 headphones. You may need to wait for a sale in order for it to hit your price range, though.
The D1100 earcups are bigger than the M50 earcups. Even with the M50's, they press down on the edges of the ear. The D1100 goes completely around my ears.   Note that while the D1100 earcups are larger, the pads are actually smaller (but still comfortable).    
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