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Glad to hear that you are enjoying them! Hopefully this begins a fun journey of head-fi for you =)    
The Audio-Technica AD's definitely are very comfortable - but I find myself wearing the Denon D1001 90% of the time because of its fun sound signature, and earcups that don't touch my ear at all. =)
AD700's, and I still have them!
If you're looking for a complement to the Beats, I'd recommend the Sony V6 or 7506. They have a slightly emphasized treble, while having accurate everything-else, and also have a lot of detail.
I've got to play with these now over the weekend, and I must say that I am impressed. Thanks RPGWizard for "sponsoring" me (he bought the cables, I kept the headphones. I'm using them with a Monoprice retractable 3.5mm cable). Overall impressions are that they are pretty clear sounding with good bass and a narrow soundstage. Compared to my D1100, which has a similar bassy sound signature, the D1100 have a much more spacious soundstage. This is probably the most notable...
Well, not to post a scare or anything...but in the spirit of transparency, Monoprice did get hacked about two years ago and customer info was compromised. I personally was a victim of credit card fraud because of that. HOWEVER: 1) The credit card company took care of the charges and nothing bad happened to me. 2) Monoprice dealt with it very professionally with full disclosure, sent out letters to all customers, and upgraded their security systems. That's definitely...
My vote goes for the M50 or the SHR840's. The DT770 is too bassy/muddy for mixing, IMO.
I've tried both M50's and D1100's (and sold one of them) - if they are in similar price ranges, I would prefer the Denon. Better fit and sound for me. I'm assuming you are looking for a warmer sound?
I guess it goes without saying, but were the D2000's still under warranty?
I agree with many points to the article. I was not aware that a "new" version was out, though. I bought a pair in 2009 for $80 or so, and was shocked to see prices skyrocket to $100, and then $150.   The M50's still sound good, they just aren't a great deal anymore.   My headphone of choice around that price range is now the Denon D1100, which goes for about $110 when on sale. I also like the Shure 840 when they are similarly priced at $120 or so.
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