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Just ordered a pair of Tony Bennett's for a good price ($40 new), looking forward to them!
How about a pair of Koss DJ100? Seems like it fits the bill, and has a lifetime warranty, metal construction, and great mids. You can spend a tad bit over your budget for the Koss Tony Bennett headphones which are the same as the DJ100'but has a detachable cord, and a carrying case.
The Beats Pro aren't known for their bass. My Denon D1100 has more bass than that.   The Pros are actually a pretty nice pair of studio headphones, albeit having a higher price tag than Shure, Audio-Technica, etc. studio headphones.   If you want bass, you'll want the Beats Studio, or the mentioned Ultrasone, Beyer DT770, Denon D1100, or M50 headphones.
Okay, I've had some more time to play around with the 681 and the 668B now. I prefer the 681 much better for listening to music (they are also more comfortable for me!). I do like the bass response of the 681, and I feel still give a good treble and midrange presentation. The 668B in comparison sound much more forward and upfront, and sounds a bit abrasive, IMO. Bummer, because I do like the removable cables of the 668B!   The 681 is definitely a keeper, though!...
Got a pair of HD681 and HD668B to try out. So far, nothing really stands out about them, but nothing really goes against them, either. I find this interesting because I thought they would sound similar to my Sony 7506 (which I actually dislike very much*) since I've heard so much about the enhanced treble of these phones.   The HD681 and the HD668B sound remarkably similar, though, IMO. The HD681 does dig deeper in the bass (at the cost of sounding ever so...
I have an new, unopened pair of Shure SRH-840 headphones.   $130 Paypal'd (I'll take care of fees) to me includes shipping from 95070.   Thanks!
Don't need to be added to the list, just wanted to say thanks for doing this!
Would have liked to try a pair, but I think (in the US, at least), AKG's marketing as a "mass market" brand didn't work too well, and people familiar with AKG went for their studio headphones like the K240 or K701/K702/Q701. If I recall correctly, the K240 and the K242HD's were similarly priced (the K242HD might have even been more expensive?).
What about the sennheiser hd650's? My friend pairs his with the LD MKIII as well and it gives a very lush sound.
Very cool! I definitely dig the music, especially the cello/percussion track and palatial estates. Very soundtracky! The mathy bop track is very well mixed. Thanks for sharing!
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