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Do you wrap the sock directly over the pad, or do you have to cut the pleather off first?
  Denon D1100. Great bass response and very comfortable. I've tried/had all the headphones you've listed, and the D1100's are the ones I kept because of comfort and sound.
Five new models - two IEMs, one on-ear, and two over-ear headphones. One of the over-ears are bluetooth compatible, and the other are wired noise canceling headphones. Anyone think they'll be any good? Looks like it's going to be an Apple Store only product, like the B&W P5's and P3's.   http://www.engadget.com/2012/06/12/harman-kardon-trots-out-five-iphone-matching-headsets/    
Not exactly headphone related..but what camera and lens was used to take the pics? They look good!
I currently use the SRH940 pads with my Tony Bennets and honestly I don't think It takes away from the bass.
To compliment, our listed choices are all good ones. I would also through in the Denon d1100. For me, the comfort of the AD700 was huge, and I have found that only the d1100 matches it in comfort (earpads don't touch your ears at all). The DT770 is also a great choice. You've heard it before, but it's of course best if you can try out headphones before you buy. Hope that helps!
  Same hear. Now, the Denon D1100 sees the most of my use - the others I keep on hand to lend to friends/families, but I've sold most of my expensive 'phones.
All great suggestions. I have the monoprice, superlux, ksc75, and the dj100 (tony Bennett). If you're staying around $30, dont mind open or portability, I second the superlux. Fantastic headphones for the price. The ksc75 are also pretty amazing at ~$15!
Seconded. I recommend the TBSE1 (Tony Bennetts). The case and detachable cable are worth the little extra money. I'm using a retractable Monoprice 3.5mm cable with mine - very portable!
It was through a third party eller on Amazon. I dont think there are fakes of these around, so I'm not worried about that. Worst case scenario is that I send them back!
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