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I find the single flanges to be the best tips.  They offer identical sound to the bi-flanges and are slightly better than the foam tips but with isolation somewhere in between them.  There's a reason why you get more than one kind of tip, not everybody has the same experience with each one.  It could just be that you're not compatible with the single flanges, doesn't mean they are faulty or defective by design.
1.  I wear glasses and they aren't an issue.   2.  The weight of cables isn't noticeable because of the over the ear design.  I'm not sure if you need short or long cables but they are about average in length.
After using it for a week, I continue to be impressed by the earphone but I'm not liking the cable so much and it's my only real complaint.  It's flexible and has a premium (for want of a better word) feel to it but the grippy nature of it can be problematic.  If the cable is slightly tangled (but not knotted) gently pulling it apart doesn't work because it won't become undone and it drags on whatever surface it's on.  The advantages of such a texture aren't clear to me...
I got my 750s yesterday and am pleasantly surprised by the amount of isolation I'm getting with the earphone, particularly the foam tips.  I was expecting average isolation at best but they isolate even better than the SE215 and the sound quality is miles ahead.   I haven't really tried many earphones in this price range since getting my SE215 a few years ago so I'm amazed by what this much money gets you nowadays.  Nice job RHA.
  SE215       RE0   Comfort level (1-10):  9, 6 Isolation (1-10): 9, 5 (can be improved with tips) Durability (1-10): SE215 seems solid enough but mine broke in a few months so...., RE0: 3 Soundstage (1-10) (not expecting much here):  6, 5 Highs (1-10):  5, 9 Mids (1-10): 7, 8 Lows (1-10):  6, 8  Sound signature: SE215: Warm and smooth, RE0:  Neutral and clean sounding Other comments regarding sound quality:  Only filled the numbers in because you...
I use EQ in iTunes because I prefer the way it sounds.  I EQ no more than 2db and use the preamp to compensate, whatever degradation there is to the sound, I don't hear it.  I don't believe in getting a "pure" signal because that assumes that the artist was using the exact equipment I have and I'm pretty sure they don't.   The iPod EQ is crap so I don't use that.
I have the AD-900.  They are okay for metal, they have good speed and energy but not much bass.  They are quite detailed and not too brutally revealing BUT they are bright so badly recorded treble sounds pretty bad.  Unless you listen stuff like Burzum or similarly poor recordings, you should be fine.   I had the Alessandro MS-1 before it, and it was good for metal but also bright so had the same problems as the AD900.  I've never heard the SR60 but the MS-1 is...
The EF2 is quite bright, I've never heard the K701 but from what I've read, it doesn't seem like a good pairing.
Of all the headphone you've mentioned, I own the AD-900 and have only heard the DT880 briefly.   The AD900 has a large soundstage and quite an airy presentation so if atmosphere is what you want, it would be great at it.  It's also quite a fast headphone so its got the speed and energy for Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan.  Of the bands you mentioned, I listen to all but Neurosis and I think the AT does pretty well with all of them with the only downside being...
Yes, I have the AD900 and bassy is the last word I would use to describe it.   They are very comfortable for me, the wing system works well and they put little pressure on your head but they are designed such that the driver housing touches your ear like a on-ear headphone.  The rest lightly so I don't mind this but it bothers some people.  
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