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I know audio retail is the most inflated products around. Maybe even more then mattresses. I decided to look for some Bluethooth quiet over the ear headphones. When I saw some of brand names I was familiar with, then saw the prices I almost fainted. I mean I have this pair of wired Sony's I bought for $100 3 years ago that sound great. Do these expensive headphones actually make the music sound better? Because it only really sounds one way, right? I'd love to try them out...
For all those that paid an extremely amount on their oppo, don't hate the Asus for bringing the same quality, and much more for less.    
Thank you. Nice work. Is there a wireless one coming out? Now that wireless is becoming more and more.    
I have a pair of Sennheiser HD25-II headphones I use at home and love them. The sound is GREAT and I'm very use to the way they sound. I use them with my itouch and another MP3 player. Now, I'm looking for a wireless bluetooth headphones and have already had Westones that cost me $400 and sounded AMAZING but I just can't get use to something in my ear.   Question: Do they make headphones that are for people that have sensitive ears or only go half way in your ear...
I am kind of in the same boat here. I love my Sennheiser HD25 model (wired) for home use, but getting a bluetooth headset that cost more then the tablet i'm using is crazy! I also can't stick anything in my ear. I need over or around the ear.  
Sorry, maybe a OP can move this to the portable section?    
Ok, I finally bit the bullet and got a nice Android tablet. Very sweet, I love it. The only thing I need is a good quality BT headphones to go along with it. I have bought a real cheap $40 pair on Amazon to hold me over. I would LOVE if Sennheiser made their HD25-II wireless, because I have that pair for home and I love it. I would NOT want anything larger than that to carry around with me. I've already been through the in-ear stuff and it boils down to I just can't...
I used this forum a while back and just came back to check things out. I see the system software has changed but it doesn't look like for the better. I don't even see a cursor in my post so I don't even know where I'm starting to type. What happened here?
Anyone try these yet? Suppose to stay in your ear with a new system they made.
I got these the other day. Love them! Much smaller than I expected, which is great. The sound is awesome, and coming from my Westone 3's, I wasn't disappointed at all. I just can't stick things in my ear. Gave up on in-ear. Oh well. Anyway, do these need to break in via speaker wise? Also does the head band loosen up over time? I know they are suppose to be a firm fit, but they squeeze quite tight. If you are an HD-25 user, you'll know what I mean. But I'm loving them...
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