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I will try to attend, but cant promise anything with my schedule as an engineering student . I had alot of fun at the meet at the hotel in charlotte last year so I figure this could be good.   If everything works out ill bring my: Akg K601 Denon D2K, Moon audio black dragon cable, Lawton Audio pads, wood cups, mods. O2 + ODAC combo.
Last night, I ended up picking some Mirage OM6 speakers up off craigslist for a great price for a floorstanding 2.0 setup. These will be going in my apartment in about a month once I move in. The living room floor is carpeted. It might be worth considering that the speakers are fairly unique, at the bottom of the tower they have an 150W amp driving an 8" sub with a passive radiator, and on the top they have a 1" tweeter with 5.5" woofer, on each side of the tower. The...
EHHA has sold. Thanks Everyone! DACs are still available.
There's a pair of these up on my craigslist for 450, I googled around some and I couldn't find much except a stereophile review, it seems these were 3000/pair from 1997-2006 when they were made, and I figured they were atleast looking in to since I've been starting to look into a 2 channel set.
I would definitely say some heavily modified denons are worth throwing in the mix here, stock the d2k/5k(same drivers) are good headphones, but are very V shaped. If you do the full dampening mods, wood cups and stuff pads they improve drastically.
Minimax has sold
Relisting this. Had to close to ad since it did not sell before I had to head off to Maxwell AFB last summer. Relisted on 8/6/2013     First is my dual mono opus. I made this two summers ago, but need money for college now. It's been great for me, never had any issues with it. Its built with an SPDIF receiver to a metronome ARSC to dual wm8741 opus boards, to a BAL/SE output stage. I'm about 600-650 + shipping into this one, But I'll take 450 OBO shipped, Ill cover...
Since I no longer have the room for all this on my desk, I'm downsizing to a smaller Amp/dac combo.   I will upload pictures once I get home from work.   First up a ~2 year old minimix built from the Beezar kit, never had any problems with it. There is a small chip on on the metalwork, but thats about it. I'd be happy with SOLD obo shipped for it.   Next item is a mostly finished EHHA rev a kit from glass jar. Instead of a volume pot it has a 3 knob stepped...
It is the A3, the metal housing of the switches is right against the front panel. I'll check resistances over the weekend, my weeks have become consumed by school work.  
I haven't had time to change around any wiring yet(being an engineering student kinda sucks sometimes...), but I did have time to sketch up how the volume control is wired in. Circles are RCA jacks.
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