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  +1 As you say, it is currently already working (in a specific menu) and I listen to concerts or concertos/symphonies this way (a cue file and a single flac file, both created with EAC ("Copy image and create cue sheet" in the Action menu).   But, you are right, this is actually a little bit painful to have to use a dedicated menu (the cuefile menu) to access to the cuefiles, resulting in a very long, unsorted list.   It would be awsome to have the possibility of...
Reserved until 23th nov
Price dropped to 105 € + shipping for Europe-Paypal (or 100 € + shipping for France)    (above posts edited)
Hi,   I made business twice with Head-direct : HM-801 in 2009 and HM-602 in 2010 (preordered both). Each time I had to wait (1 month or 2), but it's normal since it's preorder. The communication and service were excellent both times. Very fast and adorable responses to emails, goodwill gesture when needed (to compensate for the wait). Everything always arrived in a perfect state, and products were of the best quality.   If I have too, I will not hesitate to make...
edit - wrong thread
edit - wrong thread
Sent to Plisssken today
Here is a review of these headphones : http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/520496/review-hifiman-re-262   Here is more point of view on this thread :  Hifiman RE262 Initial Impressions   They are not out yet, and are out of stock for the (now closed) OEM offer. When they are out retail price will be $249 + shipping.     if paying with french cheque I'm asking 100 € (+ shipping) or 105 € with paypal (+ shipping) and you've got them in 2 days.
Sold to plisssken. Merci à lui.   I will close the classified when the HM-602 will be received...  
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