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Now selling on Ebay:   Auction closes on 5/30/15
Now selling on Ebay:   Auction will close 5/30/15
SOLD Selling an excellent pair of Audeze LCD-2 rosewood headphones. These headphones are in superb condition and sound fantastic. They've had limited use overall and have been in the protective case most of the time.  The Caribbean rosewood is exotic and gorgeous, unlike the bamboo version (in my opinion).   The photos show the actual headphone with leather ear cushion, but they have since been upgraded with Audeze's softer leather ear cushion as shown in the one...
Price drop to $145!
SOLD Selling an excellent pair of Westone UM2 with removable cables and Shure olive eartips for better comfort.  I used these on travel occasionally but rarely used them so decided to sell.  Everything works great.    $160 shipped anywhere CONUS.   Thanks.
Thanks! My brother has these cans and loves them :)   I do recommend them to anyone who likes clear detailed highs/mids.  Great for gaming too.
Can you show the mod?
I will be there with a +1
Count me in with a +1
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