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Selling an excellent pair of Westone UM2 with removable cables and Shure olive eartips for better comfort.  I used these on travel occasionally but rarely used them so decided to sell.  Everything works great.    $160 shipped anywhere CONUS.   Thanks.
Thanks! My brother has these cans and loves them :)   I do recommend them to anyone who likes clear detailed highs/mids.  Great for gaming too.
Can you show the mod?
I will be there with a +1
Count me in with a +1
Sale pending...
[SOLD] For sale is a pair of Denon AH-D2000 headphones that are in great condition.  I put about 100 hours on these but find that they sit in the box now because I use my Senn 650 exclusively. No scratches or anything...they still look and sound brand new.
Thanks, I'll take a look at those DACs.  I'm currently leaning toward a used V-DAC with pyramid power supply since it received great reviews for a budget DAC.
My DAC is the weak link in my current rig and I hope to upgrade it to meet the level of the other components.  It also broke down on me recently, and while I may be able to have it fixed by a buddy, I'm still thinking about a new DAC.  I currently am running a Super Pro DAC707 DIY paired with a KICAS amp and Sennheiser 650 cans.  I use the USB rather than optical, and the DAC is only connected to my desktop PC.  To give you a price range, $400 is at the maximum.  I'm...
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