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I wonder if the IM50 or IM70 are a big step up from the Gratitudes. That would be the only real reason for me to order a set.
 Interesting. I have some credit that's going to expire in a week at CDJ, and I'm tempted to order one of these, or even the IM70. I'm a little wary based on the highs being too laid back on the IM50. How do you think they do with female vocals? Or is it just too early to tell? With the S500 I'm more wary based on comfort, since the ES700's didn't work for me at all.
This is just a measurement with a ruler, but looks to be roughly 2-3/16" (56mm) on the inside. They're laying right here on my desk because they were a tad too small for my ears!
I sold my S500 a while ago, but they were my most used headphones for a long time. I didn't find the trebles too harsh, but they weren't very comfortable and the soundstage was very small.   Going off memory I'd say the HD5500 are better in those respects, comfort and soundstage (which still isn't huge, being a closed can, but better), but I'm not sure they have quite as much detail. Maybe that's the missing extra treble that you didn't like on the S500. It's hard to be...
Ya, especially at $64.50 these are a bargain. They don't displace my current favorite AKG K545, but I think they will make a nice alternate set for when I want more thump.
Well, my 5500 came. I'm slightly annoyed that it took soooo long, and they are a good bit cheaper with faster shipping now from mp4nation, but them's the breaks.   The headphones themselves are very nice. They remind a little of the UE6000, except with better clarity and improved treble. I like them more than the Logitechs for sure. I paid roughly the same for both (got the UE6000 on the $70 deal).
Tinny and screechy seem completely off from my impressions of these headphones. I don't get a hint of that even. They don't isolate quite as well as some that have more clamp, but if they had more clamp I wouldn't find them as comfortable as I do!
That's cool for people who didn't get in before, and also cool for those who want more units, but it kind of dings those of us who had the faith to put in cash earlier. Not that I'm greatly upset or anything, but just saying...
It was mostly the sluggish speed that drove me crazy. The delay when you clicked to play a track had a very noticeable pause too. It's an excellent device for sound, but as far as using it, they need a lot of work IMO.
Just let me know when Fiio works out their interface issues. Scrolling through my tracks on the X3 was painful enough to make me stick with my Clip Zip.
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