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I noticed these are $99.99 shipped from B&H right now in the US. If I hadn't just bought other phones, I'd be tempted. Heck, I'm still tempted...
 Pioneer SP-BS21-LR speakers through a lepai T-class amp. About $100 for the set of speakers and the amp, and they sound great.
All I know is that these are my favorites now. The highs seem great to me. Some headphones have trebles that seem like an over sharpened photoshop pictures... they seem extra detailed, but harsh and unnatural. They do seem slightly better with a brighter DAC, but they've sounded good on everything I've tried them on, and they sound natural.   Thanks dweaver for creating the thread. I wouldn't have bought these without the review! 
That link shows the K550, not the K545.
I like them as well. The Gratitudes are what I'm keeping as my only pair of IEMs. I'm not a big metal guy, but I like a lot of the female-fronted symphonic stuff, like Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, etc.
 I didn't have those all at the same time, but I'll give a few impressions. The Beyers are the outliers on that list, being very bright midrange-heavy headphones. Clear, detailed and fantastic for classical, but IMO not very good for a lot of other genres. They worked well for some rock songs too, but a lot of stuff sounded anemic through them. Definitely not an all-purpose headphone. The WS55X was the other end of the spectrum. Bassy, somewhat muddy. Even the bass seemed...
You know what I've discovered?? I've discovered I need to keep the heck away from this forum! I decided to make a list of the headphones I've bought in the last couple of months...   Kef M500 Beyerdynamic DT-660 Superlux HD-681 EVO Panasonic HT480C Koss DJ100 V-Moda M-80 AT WS55X AT ES700 JVC HA-S660 Pioneer HDJ1500 Monster Gratitude Brainwavz Delta AKG K545 Takstar HD5500 (in transit) UE6000 (delivering today)   I've probably forgotten something too....
Wow, that's an amazing deal. I've had mine for sale for a while because they don't have the crispness and detail I get from other headphones I own, but the sound is good and the comfort is outstanding. I wouldn't pay $100, but $30?? Terrific headphones for that price.
Crap. About the same as I paid for the 5500, except mine came with no stand and is taking weeks to get here instead of 2 days. 
I think immersion is a good word. I didn't mean to badmouth the M500, which are excellent headphones. They just didn't draw me in. I'm liking the K545 more and more here. I was just listening to some violin music and I'm not sure how to put it (being neither a bonafide audiophile nor a tonal wordsmith), but the same music I've heard before just grabbed me. The vibrancy of the tone just comes through so sweetly. It might be a bit of new gear infatuation, although honestly...
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