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I just got my 545s and have been playing around with them. My first impression of the sound is very positive. I only have my Clip and an ELE DAC here at home to try them with (my O2 is at work). Through the clip they sound a tad dark, but really very good. They sound even better through the ELE, which is bright so I guess that makes sense.   I don't understand the guy who complained about no bass? I hear plenty of bass. In fact, IMO it's about perfect. Thumpier...
Good to hear, especially since the $80 special on the UE's is more attractive than the full price on the CAL2's. 
So, does more tamed mean you like the UE6000 better, or is the taming an improvement? I ask because I have the UE6000s coming tomorrow and I've been tempted by these too. :-)
 Chandler, AZ. Let them know to put a non-broken M4U out!   My K545 will be here tomorrow hopefully.
I don't recall if it was the D600 or not, I just know I was very unimpressed for the price. The M4U2 sounded like it could be very nice, but the demo unit only had one side working so it was hard to judge! As elwappo said, I was listening via their system so who knows how it would be if I could take it home and hook it to my own amp.
My Magnolia didn't have them either yesterday. In fact, they didn't have any AKG headphones on the listening rack. They had the Momentums (both types), an HD 558, the whole line of B&W, an M4U 2, and some expensive but terrible Denon. 
I just went and tried the Momentum today at Best Buy. I actually liked it more than I thought I would, except the pads were too small to go around my ears. I hope the K545 is better. I guess I'll find out on Thursday!
Ah, no worries about benefiting me. I ordered a pair of 5500s from China two weeks ago, so mine will get here before too long (I hope). 
Yep, if he were to bring extras back the 5500's would be a better choice, since there's no $50 source for them in the US!
Sorry about the substandard pic. It was dark. :-)
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