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Since everything good is sold out, the point is kind of moot anyway.
I've never been to a meet, but I might be able to come in the morning and bring my AKG K545s at least. I'll probably be returning my UE6000's before then.   Of course, my wife will think I'm even weirder then. She already thought I was weird for meeting up with guitar forum people I met on the internet.
 I am aware. But just the fact that the company would sell something so crappy (not only not the "best", but far inferior to other makers' similarly-priced non-carbon driver phones) causes me to question any JVC purchases.
 Only if you're weighing price very heavily in the equation! I thought the ES700 were a step up from the S500, which I prefer to the S400. However, if you're talking bang for the buck, there's no contest.
The JVC S660 was so poor (IMO), that I wouldn't be willing to chance the 680 until there are a multitude of positive comments about it.
I'm curious about the Yamahas, especially since I no longer have any open phones other than Portapros, which seldom see use.   But right now I'm so happy with the AKG K545 I'm not sure I should bother ordering anything else. I think I'm going to send back the UE6000's I just received. They were a steal at $80 from TigerDirect, and they're really quite nice, but they don't make me happy like the AKGs.
I noticed these are $99.99 shipped from B&H right now in the US. If I hadn't just bought other phones, I'd be tempted. Heck, I'm still tempted...
 Pioneer SP-BS21-LR speakers through a lepai T-class amp. About $100 for the set of speakers and the amp, and they sound great.
All I know is that these are my favorites now. The highs seem great to me. Some headphones have trebles that seem like an over sharpened photoshop pictures... they seem extra detailed, but harsh and unnatural. They do seem slightly better with a brighter DAC, but they've sounded good on everything I've tried them on, and they sound natural.   Thanks dweaver for creating the thread. I wouldn't have bought these without the review! 
That link shows the K550, not the K545.
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