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If you're in the US you can do a lot better than $71 shipped by getting the Gemini HSR-1000 version for $50-55 shipped from ebay or amazon.
My Pistons were boomy when I got them, but that went away within an hour. The hype train may be a bit much, but I find them exceedingly good for the money. They're not better than my $50 Gratitudes (though those were much more expensive before being discontinued of course), but for $20-ish?
 I just did the free shipping method and I am in the USA. Seems like it's luck of the draw sometimes with the slow shipping.
 I ordered my Pistons from the same place on 12/16 and got them yesterday.
The Pistons are very nice, but I need some new tips and they are too wide bore for all the other ones I have. Anyone have suggestions on replacement tips?
 Definitely go for the HM5 pads.
I should change my avatar. The S500 has been gone a while. My current main squeeze are the AKG K545, and I have a set of the Takstar HD5500 too.
Well, the only IEM I have to compare the Pistons to are the Monster Gratitudes. And surprisingly, the Pistons are in the same ballpark.   When I first plugged them in they were bass heavy, but that cleared up in a very short time. They have a good amount of bass, but now they aren't bass-heavy. They do sound a bit warmer than the Gratitudes to me and have just slightly less detail. That's probably from missing the slight edge that the Gratitudes have to their trebles....
Ha!  Well, um yes... but that doesn't tell me after I pull them out and need to put them in again.
Just got my Pistons from ibuygou. Too early to say much, but my first impressions are very positive! The only thing is... how are you supposed to tell left from right on these things?
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