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 How is the comfort of the Yamahas? I had the M500, which was very comfortable at first but uncomfortable after a while.
Et tu ericp10? Sometimes it seems like this entire forum is conspiring to encourage me to buy just one more set of headphones...
 How true this is... gotta train up those young ears to know the difference between decent audio and crap!  I got my teenage daughter a set of white S400's for Christmas last year. Cheap, especially by head-fi standards, but now she says she can't listen to her friends' buds and headphones anymore because they all sound horrible. I've done my work.
Yep, they're sold individually, which is odd. $17 a pair. I've had a couple sets laying around for a long time that were bought for another long-department set of headphones.
They isolate better, but that may be more from not getting a great seal with the stock pads. The soundstage seems wider too, but to tell the truth I didn't use the stock pads long enough to be a great judge of it. I should probably switch back now that I've listened a good long time with the HM5 pads and see what differences I hear.
As far as the roominess, the HM5 pads are working great for me on the K545. The stock pads are nice feeling, but were a little too close for comfort on my ears.
That fits with my general impression of the two as well, although I only listened to the P7 in the Best Buy Magnolia listening station. I liked the P7 a little more than you I think, but I like the K545 a lot more.
Those do look nice! Not too pricey either (judging from the cdjapan price). I usually like AT's sound, but my biggest question would be whether they are comfortable, which the last couple sets I got from AT definitely weren't.
Just got these in today. It's been awhile since I had the Monoprice, but my initial impression is I like these better.   The pads aren't great. I swapped them for some Shure SRH840 pads I had lying around and it improved the comfort a lot. These are a tad loose... the HM5 pads I have would probably work a little better.   They're not going to challenge my $200 headphones, but for $20 these are fantastic!
Nope, the UE6000 are back to $130 at TigerDirect where the deal was. I'm still trying to decide whether to keep mine or not, but I ordered the Amperior today, so that'll be here shortly too. Too many headphone deals are going to make me poor!
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