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Tinny and screechy seem completely off from my impressions of these headphones. I don't get a hint of that even. They don't isolate quite as well as some that have more clamp, but if they had more clamp I wouldn't find them as comfortable as I do!
That's cool for people who didn't get in before, and also cool for those who want more units, but it kind of dings those of us who had the faith to put in cash earlier. Not that I'm greatly upset or anything, but just saying...
It was mostly the sluggish speed that drove me crazy. The delay when you clicked to play a track had a very noticeable pause too. It's an excellent device for sound, but as far as using it, they need a lot of work IMO.
Just let me know when Fiio works out their interface issues. Scrolling through my tracks on the X3 was painful enough to make me stick with my Clip Zip.
 Congrats! That gives me hope now that some of them made it to our state. I'll have to see if I can escape family to try another store tomorrow...
 I will happily do so if someone will send me the Yamahas. It's the cheaper end of the deal after all. 
Not a thing from TDK at the second AZ store I've tried, this one at Baseline/Stapley. 0 for 2.
Also the various Musicians Friend companies (MF, Music123, WWBW) have them and will pricematch Amazon.
$102.26 right now at Amazon. They were a little cheaper before.
Keep me in mind if you find another BA200!  For anyone in AZ, there's nothing at the Chandler location so don't waste your time there. I'll hit up another tomorrow.
New Posts  All Forums: