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 They fit pretty well. They're oval instead of round, so they stick out a bit on top and bottom, but they're not sliding around. My initial impression was that they isolate a little better and maybe increase the soundstage, but I used the original pads for such a short time that I can't say much.
I guess they can't make everyone happy. The low clamp force is one of the things I love about the K545. But I don't use them walking around, they are at my desk at work. And the HM5 pads work great with these phones and my glasses. YMMV.
The Shure pads are nice too. Not quite as thick as the HM5. They also have a smaller "lip" than the HM5, so they don't work on everything the HM5 will (like my AKG K545).   However, I am using Shure pads on my HD5500 right now, so they should work. You can see the white stitching on the back a bit out the top and bottom, but they stay on fine.
Interesting. I can't tell any difference in my glasses with them on...
 With the fakes going around, I'd worry. Some of them have the right pictures, but who knows. If someone finds one of those ones that sell for $12-ish shipped is legit, post it. I'd buy a second pair!
My only reason for thinking that is a possibility is the initial tracking number never showed anything, like the origin scan or even being a valid number. It was that way for weeks. Sure, they could have stopped the package at the very start and not returned it to the vendor for weeks, but it seems odd. Still, I have no idea how things are done with shipping in China so I can't say for sure. I do know the second package, that was clearly marked as headphones, came through...
My first shipment of HD5500 supposedly got turned away by China customs. That may have just been a stalling story from the seller though. The second pair got through fine (but slowly).
Cheapest I see for actual Sony hybrid tips is $7.99 shipped from either B&H or Adorama. Funny that two camera vendors have the best price. I used to have some knockoffs, but I suppose I'll buy a set of the actual deal and see how they work on my Pistons.
 The Sony hybrid tips fit? It seems like the nozzle is bigger on the Pistons. Are these actual Sony tips or the knockoffs?
The HM5 pads fit, the Shure do not because the lip to attach to the headphones is not wide enough. You could rig something up to make them fit, but they won't stay on as is. I don't know about the Alpha pads... someone should try it out!
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