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 They are user replaceable. I've been using HM5 pads on mine since day one. The soundstage did seem to increase, but I've never heard the K550, and frankly at this point I hardly remember what the K545 sounded like with stock pads.
So what are we talking about if the active component upgrade comes to pass? What does that mean exactly?
I recently bought some Westone Star tips, and I think I would like them a lot, particularly since they have some long but not fat tips (the round type never seem to get a good seal for me). Unfortunately, the hole is too narrow for my Monster Gratitudes. Anyone know of a similar tip that has a wider opening?
The Takstar HD5500 would be a better choice than the Pro80 I believe. Very nice for EDM.
The bass is not heavy at all, but I find it does extend pretty deep. That's the way I hear it anyway. I have a Takstar HD5500 here for heavy bass and it's a fuller sounding headphone, but I find it hard to leave the nuance and clarity of the K545.
Shinnbone, you probably didn't notice any of my earlier posts, but I've owned the K545 for a while now. I actually thought the bass was decent from the beginning.   In fact, I was listening to my K545s most of the morning before going to Best Buy. That's why I was amazed at how crappy they could make them sound!
And I thought the Momentum sounded pretty decent, but now I'm wondering if it would be horribly muddy given how anemic the AKG sounds there.   The M4U 2 on display still has one side shorted out a month or so after my last visit, so obviously great attention to detail there.
Wow, I just came back from going to Best Buy over my lunch break. They have the K545 now, and through their system it sounded awful. Completely devoid of bass. If I had heard that first, I probably wouldn't have bought mine! It makes me wonder now if my judgments of any of the other headphones there are correct...
As I stated earlier, I prefer the HD5500 to the UE6000 as well. I find it to have better bass and it is clearer as well, though the HD5500 is definitely bass-heavy.   Personally I'm struggling with whether to keep the HD5500, because my AKG K545 gets most of my playing time. There are some songs that work better on the 5500 for sure, but mostly I'm liking the AKG (not a bad thing for the Takstar since it is less than half as expensive). I'm considering selling the...
Over-ear-ish. The HD5500 didn't completely encompass my ears, but close. The pads are comfy too, but I just swapped my Shure 840 pads on them, which are a bit larger and truly over-ears for me.
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