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I've been using the HM5 pads (regular) for about a year now. They work great. The Shure 840 pads I had didn't fit -- wouldn't stay on. I'm curious about the thicker HM5 pads and the velour ones too, but the regular ones are plenty comfortable to me on the K545.
 Ah, greetings fellow holdout! I must admit I got pretty tempted a few times along the way as well.
 I certainly hope that is the case! The post on the forum about still needing a screw and a sticker makes me wonder...
Am I the only one who just wants my plain vanilla Pulse? You know, the original idea of a good quality DAC and headphone amp for a reasonable price?   It's now been over a year since I put up my cash, and I'm hoping they'll actually ship soon. I'll leave the fancy $2K tube models to those of fatter pocketbooks and more rarified ears....
I'm going to try to make it. I don't have a ton to bring, but can bring my AKG K545's, Takstar HD 5500's, and there's the slightest possibility my Geek Pulse might ship by then. Okay, that's wishful thinking for sure, but I was very near the beginning of the queue and ordered a vanilla Pulse, so who knows.
The X3 interface with the latest firmware and the custom list-based mod posted on this forum isn't too bad. I mean, it's not great or anything, but it's useable without being annoying to me. I actually returned the first X3 I bought when they came out because of the UI, but I can live with it now.
Kind of off-topic, but LH Labs really needs to work on their forum website. It keeps giving me the "Please update to a modern browser" message using the latest version of Firefox (updated this week) and Chrome. There aren't any browsers more modern that I'm aware of...
Hmmm... tempting. It does make me nervous to contribute to yet another project for possible delivery eight months from now when I already have money tied up with them.
I think that's a good call. I'm all for leaving SPDIF out if it has even a miniscule effect on performance.
As I said, the Shure pads won't stay on because they're lip isn't as thick as the HM5 pads. Unless somebody's Shure pads are different than mine (which are currently living on my Takstar HD5500s). The HM5 oval shape isn't much of a problem... it stays on fine. The K545/HM5 combo is my daily listening set at work.
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