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Well, the only IEM I have to compare the Pistons to are the Monster Gratitudes. And surprisingly, the Pistons are in the same ballpark.   When I first plugged them in they were bass heavy, but that cleared up in a very short time. They have a good amount of bass, but now they aren't bass-heavy. They do sound a bit warmer than the Gratitudes to me and have just slightly less detail. That's probably from missing the slight edge that the Gratitudes have to their trebles....
Ha!  Well, um yes... but that doesn't tell me after I pull them out and need to put them in again.
Just got my Pistons from ibuygou. Too early to say much, but my first impressions are very positive! The only thing is... how are you supposed to tell left from right on these things?
I think I'm the only one using them, at least that I've seen on here. The real benefit to me is they fit entirely around my ears, so they're more comfortable and getting a good seal is not fiddley. But the stock pads feel very nice so if your ears fit well in them I don't think I'd bother. Note that the listing is for a single pad... you have to buy two. I don't think the sound difference was huge after changing pads. The soundstage improved some, but I swapped them mostly for comfort
 They are user replaceable. I've been using HM5 pads on mine since day one. The soundstage did seem to increase, but I've never heard the K550, and frankly at this point I hardly remember what the K545 sounded like with stock pads.
So what are we talking about if the active component upgrade comes to pass? What does that mean exactly?
I recently bought some Westone Star tips, and I think I would like them a lot, particularly since they have some long but not fat tips (the round type never seem to get a good seal for me). Unfortunately, the hole is too narrow for my Monster Gratitudes. Anyone know of a similar tip that has a wider opening?
The Takstar HD5500 would be a better choice than the Pro80 I believe. Very nice for EDM.
The bass is not heavy at all, but I find it does extend pretty deep. That's the way I hear it anyway. I have a Takstar HD5500 here for heavy bass and it's a fuller sounding headphone, but I find it hard to leave the nuance and clarity of the K545.
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