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Well, the MPH-2 were still $39.99 at the time, and I had $5 of rewards credit, so I don't see how I could go far wrong for $35! Too bad they're on backorder and I have to wait.
No one has ever done a proper comparison between the B8 and the MDH9000 have they? I know some people asked for a comparison, but if anyone has had them both in hand I haven't seen the post.   The B8 sure are pretty, but I placed an order for the Marantz version of the MDH9000 (I blame you Pharmaboy!) from Musicians Friend. It'll probably be a couple weeks or so until it ships though, so I could always change my mind. 
No problem. Hope you find one closer to home for a good deal!
For a 4lb box (the packaging is kind of heavy), Fedex and UPS are outrageous, over $200.   USPS Priority International is $61.25 and can only be insured for damage or loss up to $200.   So shipped USPS to the UK, deducting what I would have paid but adding a couple bucks back for extra Paypal fees, it would work out to be $245 total with the stock pads, $270 with both sets of pads.
 It will cost me about $8 to send it via Priority Mail Regional Rate. There's no wear on the pads, stock or Brainwavz. I've only had the headphones about a month, but my wife complains about the sound leakage so I'm sticking with closed phones for now.
 I don't mind shipping to the UK if you'll either pay for a delivery method that provides proof of delivery, or pay via Paypal gift and have it shipped however you like.
Great headphones, almost new. Comes in original box.   $190 shipped (CONUS) with the original pads.   The Brainwavz pads are pictured, but the headphones will come with the standard Hifiman pads, which have been used for only a few minutes.
So many options in here... it seems there's an abundance of bargain earphones of quality these days. The T2, 4in1, HI905 all sound promising.   Anyone want to advise me if my priorities are wide soundstage, tight bass, and ergonomics (something that is comfortable and stays in the ear)?
Yep, no wall wart included (or extra cable). I've yet to attach anything to the power connector because I'm running it through a powered USB hub and it seems to have plenty of juice from the connection.
 I have no higher end gear to compare it to, so I can't say if those would be better options. But I don't notice any distortion and it seems plenty powerful. I don't think I'd ever put it over 30% volume or so. 
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