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The HM5 pads fit, the Shure do not because the lip to attach to the headphones is not wide enough. You could rig something up to make them fit, but they won't stay on as is. I don't know about the Alpha pads... someone should try it out!
I have a set of Monster Gratitude earphones that I've used lightly. Only one set of the tips has ever even been put on the earphones (the smallest tri-flange). I stick to headphones most of the time, and as a very infrequent user of IEMs I've decided I can do without these.   These are great sounding headphones and a steal at the clearance price, as has been reported many times on this forum. Save a few more bucks and buy them from me!   $42 shipped and Paypalled in...
The 2050 were useless for me because of their open nature. The sound was good, but everyone around could hear what I was listening to clearly.   I really like the HD5500, though they're clearly skewed for those who like a lot of bass. I keep telling myself I have plenty of headphones, but I'm tempted to try the Pro 80's as well...
$50 with $21 shipping is what I saw...
If you're in the US you can do a lot better than $71 shipped by getting the Gemini HSR-1000 version for $50-55 shipped from ebay or amazon.
My Pistons were boomy when I got them, but that went away within an hour. The hype train may be a bit much, but I find them exceedingly good for the money. They're not better than my $50 Gratitudes (though those were much more expensive before being discontinued of course), but for $20-ish?
 I just did the free shipping method and I am in the USA. Seems like it's luck of the draw sometimes with the slow shipping.
 I ordered my Pistons from the same place on 12/16 and got them yesterday.
The Pistons are very nice, but I need some new tips and they are too wide bore for all the other ones I have. Anyone have suggestions on replacement tips?
 Definitely go for the HM5 pads.
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