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This is a good condition X3-II that I don't use anymore since I'm not on the go like I used to be. Comes with original box, usb cable, and silicone case (which was never used).   $120 paypalled and shipped in the US.
 The smaller earpad opening reminds me of the Philips Citiscape Downtown headphones.
Good condition E10K. Comes in original box with USB cable. $55 paypalled and shipped in the US.
 So my last two orders, one from AliE and the other from Gearbest, are both shipping PostNL. Guess I'm in for the long haul.
 Nice! Mine are coming to the western US via the Netherlands Post. I don't know what that's about...
I sold the Brainwavz pads, so now it will include the standard Hifiman pads for $190 shipped.
Me too!    Musicians Friend has the Marantz back in stock (at a high price right now, but maybe they'll go back on sale), so I'm hoping mine ships shortly.
I had the same impression... super comfortable, not the most detailed or anything, but good for the price.   Unfortunately mine developed a partial short within a week of desk use, so I'd say the wire is fragile along with that swivel point. Sent mine back, but if you can keep them working they're a heckuva deal.
 These Freeboss headphones, which I assume are identical, are only $47 on Amazon with two cables included. But that's kind of a stupid name to be emblazoned on the top like that, so I'm glad I ordered the Marantz. :)
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