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 I'm not an expert reviewer, particularly of IEMs which aren't my usual thing (over ear headphones are my typical daily use items). But I find both the X5 and Somic V4 to have a similar amount of detail (good), a similar soundstage (adequate), not much airiness to either one. Both are solid and surprisingly good performers for inexpensive IEMs. I'd be perfectly happy using either. The biggest difference is the exaggerated but pleasing bass on the X5. The V4 is not bass shy...
 That does work better for sure. I still think they're an odd body shape, but not so bad over ear.
The Uiisii Hi905 didn't work for me either. I did manage to get a good fit once with some spinfit tips and the bass improved, but the next time I tried it I couldn't duplicate it. Too fiddly for me, so I threw them on the for sale forum for cheap in case someone else wants to try.    I also got the Somic V4 and the Memt X5. I like both of these. The Somic is a little more balanced than the Memt with a cool cable, but I'm not a fan of the plastic body and how much it...
I got these in, and the fit is not working for me, so here they are at a much reduced price if anyone wants to try them. $20 shipped.
I love these headphones. For closed-back, they are quite spacious sounding and comfy. But I hate the AT "wings" so they're up for sale.   This auction is for just the set of headphones with the 3.5mm to 1/4" adapter.
 Got mine earlier this month. Do it!
 I ordered the same day from the same store and mine haven't even entered the US yet. 
 The company is Japanese, but these are just rebranded Chinese headphones, the same as the ISK MHD9000.
My Marantz MPH-2 (MHD9000) showed up today. They've only been burning an hour or so, but from what I've listened so far, I approve.   They are a little bassy for sure, but unlike the Takstar HD5500 I once had, they're not all muddied by it.   Comfort on the clamp and pads is excellent. The top band edges are a bit hard. Don't know if burn-in will change much, but for the price, and particularly what I paid, I'd give them enthusiastic thumbs up!
A nice set of K545 headphones with two detachable cables with mics (one meant for Apple, the other for other smartphones).   The pads have no real wear since I wore these headphones with some Brainwavz pads on them. Comes in the original box, $90 shipped in the US.   (sorry for the crappy cellphone pic)
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