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Logistics and general preparations are underway. Will update with a few possible dates for people to vote on. 
 Does the static disappear when you hold your laptop with your hands? If so, then you have a grounding problem. This sounds more like a soft hum though, not exactely like static.I use a ODAC/Objective2 rig and experience no hiss with the GR07, using JRiver Media Center/WASAPI and 320kbps files. My Sansa Zip/Headstage Arrow portable rig gave me a hiss-free experience as well. It's quite possible that some people are more sensitive to hiss though. It's hard for other people...
 No worries. My opinion is just that; an opinion. :) It doesn't matter really if burn-in is real or not. If burn-in increases your listening pleasure, placebo or not, than for all means, burn everything in 'til your heart's content. :)  For the record, burn-in in general does exist. For example in large woofers found in speakers. Due to the size and rigidity of woofers, their characteristics can change a bit over time. Headphone woofers and drivers are just too small to be...
 Evidence apart from my experiences over the years, owning multiple dozens of IEMs, headphones and related audio equipment? Sure. IF you look around, there have been numerous studies regarding this subject. I won't try to convert you though, esoterics have been part of audiophilia for years. I just feel there needs to be an opposition every time someone says "Don't sell them if you don't like them, just burn them in for 300 hours and you will magically like them!" If you...
 Burn-in is a myth. I didn't notice any difference with my GR07 after 100 hours. It's one of those stubborn pseudo-sciences that has roamed Head-Fi for years. 
Since the 2012 thread is now closed, this will serve as a placeholder for the 2014 Meet. Will update this post soon. :)   
 Remember the Hifiman RE0? Went from $169 to $99 to $49... Same build, same quality. They are making room for new flagships and have probably optimized their manufacturing process. :)
 Yup, bio-cellulose all the way. :) They sound stellar for anyone wondering. Very similar to the GR07 Mk1, but slightly less sibilant to my ears. A warm amp does wonders for these. They're now my favourite IEM and I haven't touched my others since receiving these. 
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