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Hello. I just bought the Oppo HA-1 amp and I'm looking into different ways to use my iPad as a source.  My initial plan was to use the apple cord to connect via USB and let the amp use it's internal dac and headphone amp.  I see that the amp also provides Bluetooth connectivity:  As I have always considered Bluetooth as a low quality streaming I'm starting to wonder if I will get the same quality from this Bluetooth connectivity as a connected. Will it be lossless data and...
 Hello and thanks for the reply. Well, the amp/dac would need only two inputs, the tv and sonos.  I might be able to live without the remote if I can control the volume by other means which comes from the TV.  Sonos has volume and if the TV volume output to the amp can be controlled from the TV then the remote isn't that important. Tubes I can also live without if I have to skip something.  That leaves a small system with DAC/AMP (or combined) with the ability to use...
Hello.   I'm building a small summer house and I want to have a good setup for headphones and speakers/sub.  I have Sennheiser HD650 and Denon AH-D5000 at my home and a small integrated tube amp with subwoofer (both from Glow audio).   I think I will go with the MrSpeakers Alpha Prime or Audeze LCD-XC for my summer house.  I'm however a beginner so I'm not sure one what to go for regarding DAC and AMP.  I would also have bookshelf speakers with subwoofer which would be...
Thanks Panda-sama.   So you are saying that the only way to utilize the amp is to use a computer, right?   Johann
Hello.   I have Fiio E17 and I'm looking for a player which will utilize both the amp and the dac of the E17.  Does the sansa clip+ fall into that category and what cable will I need?   Thanks, Johann
Try the soundtrack for Angels of the Universe:
What is the bit rate of playback?
I ordered my iBasso D4 on 13. and received it today (to Iceland). I'm a little bit sceptic of the concept of burn-in but I decided to let it play for 48 hours before trying it on with my HD-650.
Yes, I agree - it's very moving picture, one of the best I have seen in the last few years.
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