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 So, is it made in China now? I know the Q701 is. I've found a substantial decrease in build quality with the Chinese Q701s. Along with an atrocious fit not present in the Austrian version.
Up for sale is my very lightly used Sony MA900.   I bought these brand new from Japan about a month ago and have only worn them for about an hour, so they're basically in new condition. Everything is included (gold bag, booklets, 1/4 connector, box) and the box is in pristine condition. Didn't like the sound as much as I used to after using IEMs for all this time.   Asking $165 Paypal, free priority shipping, gift or 3%.   Thanks for looking!  
Up for sale is a nearly brand new Vsonic VC1000.   I bought these brand new from Japan and have had them for about a week. Used for a grand total of about 5 minutes before realizing I didn't like the signature as much as my current IEM. All of the eartips are untouched as I used my hybrids on them. Everything else included of course.   Asking $90 Paypal, free shipping, add 3% or gift.   Thanks for looking!  
 Just make sure you do more listening than looking...  
 That's pretty much it actually. The F1 has more treble and less bass, but the mids also aren't as smooth and upfront. The F1 sorta sounds hollow, while the MA900 sounds more full. I don't mind that the MA900 is of a cheaper build quality. It's more comfortable and conforms to your head better than the slightly awkward F1. I could imagine the F1's material getting dirtier faster too.
 Haha, I know exactly how you feel. If I would have just bought the HD800 day one, I would have saved so much money! Hard to believe. But, I think its quite fun advancing through the ranks and trying a variety of headphones while experiencing different sound signatures.
 DT880? I'd take it over any of AKG's headphones (aside from the 65th). K702 65th is my favorite of the lineup, but is more along the lines of the MA900's sound. K712 is an inferior version of the 65th IMO. Something about those pads ruin the sound.K701 was my first audiophile headphone years ago so I don't remember too much about it.Watch out for the Chinese Q701s. Terrible build and a very, very bad fit for larger heads.
  I can't agree with those comments regarding the MA900 and F1. I've owned the F1 twice, MA900 three times, and there is no way I'd pick the F1 over the MA900. Not to mention, I find the MA900 more comfortable too. Although, the earpad and headband material was definitely better on the F1.
Most information about these can be found in the previous owner's classified.   Used these about an hour. Still in the same excellent condition I received them in.   Asking $$$ shipped. Paypal gift or add 3%. Thanks for looking!
You write some of the best comparison reviews I've ever read.    And I really love the side-by-side pictures. Wonderful work! 
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