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 Is focuscamera legit? Just checked resellerratings and they have a 1.3/10 from 365 reviews.
 Their severe degrade in build quality and design compared to their predecessors. I don't think there is anything too special about their sound either.
YES! More wing headphones is always a good thing. Just hope it's not as crappy as the current X lineup.
 Exactly why I have this thread as my home page... Thanks!
Probably a long shot, but I'd be very interested if anyone had an AD1000X they were looking to get rid of.
 They were $796 on headroom for a short while last week with the 20% off anything coupon.
TDK BA200 - 2nd owner. This is the V2 model with shorter cable. Only used a few hours. Everything still included. Original owner's ad.   Asking $1 shipped. Payment via Paypal gift, or 3%. Any questions/comments shoot me a PM.
Up for sale is my nearly new K7XX.   Received from Massdrop about a week ago and I've only listened to it a few times. Maybe 10 minutes total. Compared with some of my other headphones, I just don't like it as much as I used to (and AKG's never really fit my head that well). Mine is serial #174 and still has the plastic around the earcups. Everything included.   Asking $OLD paypal, shipped via Priority. Fees on me. Ships day after payment.   Thanks for looking.
I've been comparing the HE-400i on the Clip+ to the Modi/Magni 2 stack; similar to what I did with my P650 last week.   Again, same results. Almost no sound change. The bass is a bit more mellow on the stack and P650, but I find the punchy Clip+ bass more enjoyable.   Weird how good these run with portables. Definitely wouldn't by anything extra for them (guess that's what the HE-560 is for).
Just opened mine. It's #174 and I was #27 to order. Doesn't really matter.   These will probably be in the for sale forums very soon. The HE-400i ruined me... 
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