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Just shipped out unit #1.    Enjoy!
Been listening to these for about a week and have some thoughts.   Packaging is some of the best I've ever seen regardless of price. Really makes the purchaser feel like they've got something nice.    Build quality of shells and cables, again, some of the best I've encountered. Including two of those amazing cables is quite generous.   Absolutely not a fan of the sound. Been comparing them to my EQ'ed E30's and there isn't a question as to which I prefer.   Also,...
Just received unit #1. Let the fun begin!
I would love to participate! I agree to the terms and conditions.
I agree with a lot of what has been said regarding the LCD-2 pre and post fazor.   To me, the LCD-2 pre fazor was the only headphone I've ever heard out of the 200+ I've owned that actually knocked my expectations out of the water. The midrange was absolutely surreal and the bass was sublime. I also actually preferred its smooth, rolled-off treble. Come the post fazor LCD-2 and it's like it was just "another headphone". Soon after, I discovered I vastly preferred just...
Don't feel too bad. The Q701's are Chinese made now and are horrendously built compared to the old Austria made ones. Anyone with an above average sized head need not apply.
Not that the K5 is anything special, but I'm liking the sound better straight off my X3-II vs docked on the K5 with plenty of extra power. It sounds the equivalent of Audeze putting a fazor in the LCD-2!
Nice write up. Love reading these types of posts.   Do you have the fazor version of both the LCD-2 and LCD-3?   The pre-fazor LCD-2.2 is my favorite sounding headphone of all time. When I had first purchased them, I was simply running them off my X3-II with fantastic results. Stupidly of me I sold them off, but soon repurchased the newer fazor LCD-2, a balanced cable, and the Mjolnir to do them more of a "justice". Turns out, I didn't enjoy them anywhere near as much...
I think mine may have a loose (something) too. The right earcup rattles when moving the headphone back and forth.   Sound wise, not very impressive. I'm finding the HE-400s a better performer across the board. Detachable cables and better comfort to boot.
My pair came in today. So far so good, very impressed with HiFiMan's progression over the years. This may be my favorite one from them yet... more impressive to me than the HE-400, HE-400i, HE-500, or HE-560.   Compared with my R70X, I'm surprised to find they sound very similar. The R70X is a bit more airy while the HE-400s is a bit more focused and dense sounding. Treble maybe a tad smoother on the R70X. I could be perfectly happy with either sound as both have a very...
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