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128 before, I did not move on that price. 98 however got me to bust out the plastic.    Canadians, Miles Davis Trumpets with Control Talk for 98 Dollars. 
Both sound very good. Just headphone outs I am talking here. Z10 had a really nice amount of power much like the iphone 5. Plays flac and while not true gapless it is very very close. I also love the hardware controls, vol up pause and vol down and long press for skipping tracks. Just got mine the other day and it has me very impressed with the audio output quality.      Very good IMO. That is all. 
Thank you planx and Travis! Had a great time trying and lending gear, thank you to all involved! Here are a few pix that I snapped.                                        
running late this morning, will hopefully arrive before 1. Thanks all. 
List of equipment I would be happy to bring to the Vancouver Head-fi meet.    RE 0 (Second revision I think), TripleFI 10vi, RE 252 (fantastic IEM), Senn HD 25 Originals, Monster Turbine Pro Gold and Copper, Koss Porta Pro (a classic), Brainwaves B2, ER-4PT w/ S adapter, and the famous Monoprice 8320ies! heh   PA2V2, Sound Magic A10, Digizoid ZO 2.3 and a Topping TP30.    Nothing seriously hi-end, but a couple of things people might not have had the chance to...
Also the TF10's knock Dubstep out of the park. 
I LOVE Dubstep on my Monster Copper Pros. 
I have the North American Version (747) and while the sound quality is not as amazing as the Z1000 (Sony) it is good enough for me to sell the Z1000 and go to just using one device. Overall I think the NA version sounds quite good actually. Primarily been using Poweramp as the player. 
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