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Uhoh, well - better late than never: Thanks guys! Especially to Old Pa. Greetings from Munich! Manfred / lini
bigdirty: If you'd ask me, I suggest to forget about expensive SL12x0 modifications (at least for now). Just get a plain, stock one, slap on a nice, suitable cartridge (e.g. a Nagaoka MP-20, Denon DL-160...) and enjoy - and buy records and useful extras (good quality inner sleeves, good carbon fibre brush, manual record cleaning kit et cetera) for the rest. Greetings from Munich! Manfred / lini
Oh... *blush* ...oh, well, as you can guess from the rather late reaction, I don't visit Head-Fi regularly anymore - and even the unregular visits are rather rare. But thanks anyway, guys - it's always nice to be remembered! And yes, I had a good one - 'though I still can't quite get it that I should already be 40 years old now... *sigh* Greetings from Munich! Manfred / lini
Rudy: I wonder who recommended you the 2M Black for your Thorens. A cart with 22 µm/mN and 7.2 g on a 17 g arm, hmmmm... Greetings from Munich! Manfred / lini
a_60: Well, you could upgrade the needle on that rebadged AT cart to an ATN3472SE/ATN311EP. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend to spend a lot on it, 'cause the PS-LX430 is just entry level class (not junk/toy class like e.g. a Sony PS-J20, but decent entry level class like a Technics SL-BD20). Greetings from Munich! Manfred / lini
Well, there isn't really a better and worse there. What terminal to choose on your receiver/tuner simply depends on the design of the antenna (e.g. what kind of resonator it is (like full lambda, half lambda et cetera)), how it's connected and, if applicable, also how it's integrated into the antenna system and cabling of a house. Greetings from Munich! Manfred / lini
To me that thingy looks like it could be a BSR design, probably a pretty late one (late 70s/early 80s, I'd guess). Greetings from Munich! Manfred / lini
itc: Ok, if manual isn't a problem (and I really can't interest you in a neat Dual like a CS721 ), an SL12x0Mky is indeed a good choice for a new turntable. I'd recommend to leave it as is for a start, though - because in my opinion you'd rather save the money for more cartridges (plus headshells), as these are more "taste components" just like speakers and headphones: Hence you might need more than one try to find the cartridge you really enjoy - and like many other...
itc: Nothing against a nice Technics 12x0Mky, but just as another option: If you regret selling your old Dual, why not get another nice Dual model on the used market? A good to very good Dual model should cost you some US$ 100 - 200 in good condition. Often enough these thingies also come with decent cartridges (especially the upper class models), for most of which original replacement needles are still easily available... Oh, and what's the rest of the system? You've...
meme: Yup, a CS503 would be pretty much the same class - and I'd concur that these Duals are about on level with a Technics SL-BD20, maybe a tad better. Greetings from Munich! Manfred / lini
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