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Grant Fidelity should ship internationally. If you're in Korea or Japan could try contacting Yulong in China. or
Great review as always John. Finally got to hear how the DA8 compare with D18. 
Project86, you'll be reviewing this one too right?
+1    Oh and great review as always project86
Hmm, now i'm curious how does mine look like under the hood...
I've been using mine for about 6 months, build quality is good. It's plug and play for my mac. Can't really commend for the sound as it's my first converter. There's just one problem with my mac (old not unibody macbook pro). Once a while, if i plug it off my mac it won't recognize it when i plug it back in, i'll have to do a restart or shut down. Another thing is once a while when listening to music, I noticed there's a signal got cut off (it's one of those moments...
So you're going to buy back the WA22?
Don't forget to compare it with tube dac 11 and dr.dac2 dx!
D18 with HD650 sounds great for me it's not too warm. There's also another user that uses D18 with La Figaro 339 to pair with his HD650, he also likes the sound of it. But then again, every body's different. 
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