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I love the look of this set-up, very clean. I need to post pictures of my new set-up!
    Yes & No.   Here is a rating of durability (1 being least durable, 3 being most durable): 1.) Rattle Can Paint 2.) Automotive Base Coat & Clear Coat sprayed with an automotive paint gun. 3.) Powdercoating   If you are talking about the metal grills on the HE-500 I would suggest going with option #3, powdercoated. Very very durable but a bit pricey. Google local powdercoating shops and ask for a quote. or If you want option #2 or #3, I would recommend...
I can't wait to see more pictures, especially from the white pair!
  Sexy. Love the wood jacks, very nice touch.
I bought the Ultrasone Pro 900 as my first audiophile headphone. I disliked them a lot.   The first pair i got had a bad left driver. After many hours over the phone, Ultrasone sent me a brand new pair of Pro 900's. It took 5-6 weeks to receive the new pair of Pro 900's.
  You could always pull the nylon sleeving off (past the viablue y-splitter) and replace it with shrink wrap. It gives a cool look and feel.   Just an option! 
Just made dinner for the girlfriend.   I have found a way to access my apartment building's roof. Outside of my apartment is Indianapolis's downtown view. (There is a candle on the table, that is the red glowing thing)      
  I love the way the MX Browns sound and feel under my fingers. I would have gone with the MX Blues but I do a lot of late night typing and the last thing I need is to wake someone up, girlfriend, if they stay the night. ;D     Thank you! I love the DAS, it is super sleek looking. Especially with the blank keys  I don't think I could go back either, having this keyboard makes me want to post more. I just enjoy typing that much more!!
Just finished up season 2! Time to move on to season 3.  I definantly liked season 1 more than season 2. But.. It was neat how season 2 featured around Dexter's "Work".
  I love this, very creative. May I ask, why is the wire so short between the 3.5mm and the LOD?
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